September 7, 2011

School--day 2 and rainbows and puddles

Well, it all went fine at school. Orianna got off the bus with her trying not to grin smile and looked very important. She announced that she wishes she could just go back to school rather than be home. Wah! But then she told me all about her day, which involved several crying moments because she missed Mommy and Lily and  Gilbert. So I felt better. There were probably about 150 "So, anyway..."s in her stories.One day of school makes you super grown up.

There is a little girl who pulls her braids and two boys who spit at her. This makes me sort of happy. It is so typically kindergarten. I laughed a lot when Orianna told me this and she thought it was funny too. So as long as she thinks of it as funny, rather than sorrowful, I think she is fine. She wasn't allowed to play in gym yesterday because she didn't have sneakers, which prompted a crying jag "I was so scared in the gym! I wanted Lily really bad!" It sort of irritates me that they couldn't let her do something the first day, since they don't give you any indication that the first day of school will be a gym day. I asked the teacher for a list of activities for each day, so I can dress Orianna appropriately. Most kids, it doesn't matter too much, but since Orianna's typical outfit is not jeans and sneakers, it makes it a  little harder. So hopefully there will be no more sitting out in gym. I don't think the leggings under her skirt will be an issue, but I am not sure if she will be allowed to wear skorts or not. You know, those skirts that have shorts attached for modesty. Some gym teachers are picky. Somehow, I got through elementary school playing in a skirt. Obviously we lived dangerously back in the early 90s.

Her crying seemed to be (from what I can make of her stories)  when her teacher wasn't around. Several of the crying episodes seemed to end "...and then Mrs. Aubrey came." In the cafeteria, getting off the bus, and in gym. So it seems like her teacher is just what she needs. Hopefully the crying ends in the next week or two when she gets more used to things.

I have a lot of Labor Day pictures. I am easily daunted by huge amounts of pictures. The pioneers had their unknown mountains and raging streams to daunt them and I have pictures. Hey, times change. So for now, I will just put up some of the Tuesday before Labor Day.

It was raining while the sun was shinin'

A slightly hazardous hammock. It has several holes in it now.

But the kids love it.

Ashley and JoAnna

This and the next few, are ones Olivia borrowed my camera for.

I love these colors!

Cleaning out the pool. Which made mud puddles.

Gilbert gets excited about water.

Lily gets excited about puddles. 

Actually, they all get excited about puddles.

Hahaha, no idea what this was about.

And now, I must needs go clean my house. It is a disaster. Whenever we are at Mom and Dad's a lot (like this past week and a half) our house gets to be amazing cluttered. It seems like laundry and dishes pile up and all the things we bring back over from Mom and Dad's gets jumbled up and set somewhere to be sorted out. I have a lot of jumbled up things to go through. And lots of laundry to fold. And all before Gilbert's teacher comes at 2:45. 


Virginia said...

Aw! Little sweetheart! SO glad she had a good day and that she likes it. It IS pretty rotten they wouldn't let her play in gym w/o sneakers on the first day. Who does that?? And as usual, love the pics!

Verity Earl said...

You'd think they'd have extra sneakers or something. I mean, seriously. How were you supposed to know?? I'm glad Orianna laughed though, about the hair pulling. I wouldn't have. I was a fairly traumatized youth. I cried almost every day all the time throughout grade school. But don't worry, I'm better now.

Rebekah said...

We've gotten along fine with skorts and skirts/leggings or bike shorts. L. likes to have sneakers that don't tie so she can slip in/out of them faster. Teachers don't like to have to wait! I hope you don't have a picky teacher. Glad to hear it all went well.

laura said...

Glad to hear it's going well!

And thanks, as always, for the pictures!!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Lurve the golden sunlight pictures. And that picture of Orianna really does require a backstory. I think Lily should get to tag along to get Orianna all used to school without having to get used to missing her sister at the same time. (That's a lot of "get" in one sentence.) Hope your house is now a shining beacon of calm!