September 24, 2012


Pictures of the past two weekends. But not the most recent weekend. I like to give events time to ripen before blogging about them.


On our way to the Down Syndrome Society walk

Gilbert the strider

Gilbert in his too big t-shirt and his bunless hotdog.

For some reason we didn't understand, one of the local sports teams decided to come get their faces painted for free (by the clown the DS hired) and do a group photo shoot. Which tied the face painting clown up for about an hour. All of us parents of small kids were not really impressed. You forget how self-absorbed teenagers can be. Probably a lot of these girls are super nice kids. They just weren't thinking about how they were inconvienencing (I never spell this right. Just so you know, spell check suggests "videoconferencing") everyone else and making the Down Syndrome walk about them.  

After an hour of waiting, Lily gets painted.

A cat

A pink butterfly

And a teal butterfly

So that was two weekends ago. Last weekend, we went up to the woods to take some of Olivia's senior pictures. I sort of high-jacked the outing and ended up taking her pictures. 

I also took a lot of other pictures too. This is my cold girl.


Old barrels we had laying around. We realized after that they one was liquid fertilizer. She was sitting on a bomb. 


Doing her self-conscious laugh

Fiona was a champ and watched the kids

In a tree

Cool tree hm?

There is a chipmunk on top of the tire behind the truck. Just trust me on this one. There is. 

I had to take a few, awkward, climbing out of the tree pictures. 

Yep, that is my son. In the woods, without boots. 

Aren't they cute?

The kids all had to climb in the tree too.

Ducking out between the barbed wire. Olivia says this looks like they are leaving some Balkan country or something. 

Elsie-Junie baby

That's right. We take senior pictures by big piles of tires.

My kids like Fiona.

Totally love this picture

Chasing a socked Gilbert

And then he took his shirt off. 

Olivia wasn't into the goldenrod. But Tori and I thought they were cool.

Love this picture too. Unfortunately, the clouds were awwwwwesome, but they didn't come out.


Sheena said...

I believe my brother and Philip would be very proud of Gilbert... he has already got things figured out. Step 1: Charm women into chasing him. Step 2: Pull your shirt off.

Cecil and Amy said...

I'm totally impressed with the Olivia senior pics assortment. Very very nicely done!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Ha, ha, Sheena! :-) And I have already raved about Livie's pictures on FB, but I'll stroke your ego again and say "nicely done!" And I want to see your growing Elsie Junebug.

Verity Earl said...

1. I love the picture of the truck.
2. I love the pictures of Liv with the girls and Tori with Gilbert. ADORABLE.
3. What is it with the Vaughans and beliving their woods are some war-torn country? Once when we went out to hike in the snow, I was wearing a long black skirt, which I had to put pants under and you guys all said Iooked like a refugee from Kosovo. It's kind of a theme, I guess. Glad to hear it hasn't passed on. ;-)