September 27, 2012

Lily is 5

My baby Zebra is five today.  

Last night, sprinkling the rice krispy treats to make cutouts

In her new purple kitty cat vest this morning

And here is my sweet, sunshiney, loving, spunky girl through the years

Being a loved and loving sister

Rocking outrageous hair

Practicing ju-jitsu



Slightly defiant--I was bad and I don't really care look




laura said...

Aw, she is a darling! The red hair/dress/shoes one made me laugh out loud (:

Verity Earl said...

She is one of the more cuter babies I've ever seen. Love that little one. PS Has Holly seen that kitty cat vest?? Because if not, you may want to hide it from her. She will absolutely steal that thing, first chance she gets.

Jill Vaughan said...

I LOVE that kid! My friend.