September 19, 2012

Picture catch up

I am feeling a sort of lethargy about posting. Maybe due to my sleep muddled brain that has started getting up at 6:30, but hasn't been going to bed any earlier to make up for that. Anyway, here is a somewhat, mindless post. That is the beauty of pictures. They are worth a thousand words. So 20 some pictures is a really wordy post. So I will just stop writing now.
Except I want to explain the pictures. So I will.

This was taken in a fit of pride. Justin was working in Syracuse this particular week and the room upstairs was needing to get done. So I went upstairs and ripped out all the sheetrock by the stairs. A week later when I was standing there thinking we would be DONE now if I hadn't pulled the sheetrock off, I wasn't quite so pleased with myself. Still, I felt accomplished, pulling off all this sheetrock while keeping my four children alive by myself. Especially since I was ripping it off the attic side as well, which is a favorite playground for mice. I felt big and brave.

Look how cleanly I pulled it all off!

There it is--all I did. 

And then, I did this too. 

Tori and Livie helped me with the boards that touch the ceiling, but I did the half wall by the stairs.

Yeah, that's right. I used a chop saw. AND an air gun. Bazinga. I felt powerful. 

What Gilbert looks like after a day of Mommy pulling sheetrock off. And not attending to his every whim. He is still happy anyway. I like to console myself with this thought.

And what the kid's room looked like. Yes, the bed broke. "We were just sitting on it!" Uh huh.

Justin home and doing a lot more than I did. At this point I was a little concerned by how much wood there was in the room.

Gilbert was glad to have a professional to watch, rather than a befuddled, dusty, impatient, incoherent mother

Cherry tomatoes. Der.

Opening a present from Grandma Nola after Papa and Grandma Dawna got here. See? The kids room got cleaned and the bed fixed!

A hedgehog puppet. With a bandanna neckerchief. This hedgehog likes to terrorize people. And try to bite them or tickle them. Gilbert sort of thinks it is a bear. He loves it. 

Owen and Papa trying to roll each other off the carpet they were about to lay. I think the room looks much less woody now that it is painted. Unfortunately, some of the pine knots are bleeding through. But it still looks nice!

Gilbert telling a fascinating story while painting with Grandma Dawna


Us. I love this one. 

Running to the barn

And there we are.


Cecil and Amy said...

I love the family pictures!

Mom said that you were doing your upstairs room. Nice! Do you have furniture for it yet?

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Could you please delete this post, so Evan doesn't know that females can run air guns and saws? It's bad enough I have to hang pictures and blinds, and I've grudgingly learned to grill food. I want EVAN to do our addition, not me. Although props to you for your bazinga-ness. And the room looks awesome, the pine knots add character.

I am totes jeal of Gilbert's hedgehog puppet.

And your family pictures are perfection.