September 10, 2012

Pig Roast 2012 in a lot of pictures

The title for this post was going to be A Pig Roast in 100 pictures. But then I uploaded 130 some pictures. I don't do well with limitations apparently. And while I highly doubt any of you skeptical readers would count my pictures so you could make sure I was honest, I figured that honesty is the best policy. So we had to sacrifice a snappy title to moral rightness. 

I forgot my camera Friday and as I have pointed out before, the one mile to go home and get my camera or anything else I have forgotten seems a much bigger obstacle when I have to deal with various children and drive over. So we will just say I was lazy and I didn't take any pictures Friday night. But Friday night was a good one. Beautiful evening. People were arriving, which made it all nice and anticapatory. And everything was done, so there was no last minute scurrying around. Not that us Vaughans aren't always organized, of course. Dana brought a flagpole and flag, so the guys mixed up a bag of concrete and set that. And seeing a bunch of guys standing around watching Dana and Evan work, all of us had to go out and watch too. So we sat around talking, while we watched the concrete harden. And told kids not to touch it. About 15 times. Per kid. 

And then people were there. Stuff to carry in, people to meet, and talking. Lots and lots of talking. In the house, suddenly stuffy compared to the cooling night air; under the trees in the summer darkness; in the garage full of  new-found bigness since Clover whipped it into organization; outside discussing pig techniques; up in the field where people were setting up tents. 

Lovely, lovely talking. 

Every year, I think this pig roast was the best ever. And I think it this year too. So much visiting, so much encouragement, kindness, and love; so much hilarity, silliness, and chaos. 

Okay, okay. I am talking too much. Here are the pictures. I think I did take some on Clover's camera of Friday night, but you will just have to wait until she posts those. 

Husking corn while the piggy roasts

Hair doing

Dad and Shawn bonding over corn silks


Ryan checking out the roasting

The pig. Alright, it looks a little barbaric. But, man! Good. 

Organizing a trip to see Owen and Ashley's house

Watching things

Fiona and a Lincoln

Bronson and Lincoln

Marilyn making a fabulous salad

Alice and Lucy, sweet ladies!

The pork pulling

The cracklings


Ashley P and a tired Gilbert

Boiling water in the sap evaporator to cook the corn. Very versatile piece of equipment. 


Kids making mud, since there wasn't any this year

A sleeping Gilbert. I was a little concerned about him, sleeping while all this fun was passing him by, but apparently he was just recharging and didn't nap again the rest of the weekend.

Our pig roasts have a lot of moxie. This year, thanks to Laura, who couldn't come, but sent her love by moxie. Moxie as a proxy.  

People, food, and the garage

Food and Tim

The crockpots full of BBQ sauce, onions, and pork. GOOD-ness.

Eating under the trees.

A very messy Gilbert enjoying a moxie, courtesy of Uncle Owen

Jenna checking out Elsie. She is a big baby fan, that Jenna!

Rachel and Elsie

Less eating, more talking

This picture cracks me up. Ryan looks like a lurker.

Deb and Lincoln 

And then everyone went to play baseball. This is Livie's picture.

And so is this picture


Cars, vans, and trucks. AND the new flagpole. 

Dad and Perry. This is such a Perry look. Well, a laughing Perry look.  

Inside girls

Connie, busy as usual, cutting all the uneaten corn off the cob. Wonderful woman!

Betty took my camera to Split Rock, so these pictures are all courtesy of Betty

Towels on a tree and somebody doing some serious water disturbance.


Marilyn and Evan


David and Rachel

Bonnie. Love it!

Heidi looking and looking at pictures. Poor woman!


Grandpa, the dog, and Rilla

Elsie and I

Bonnie and Linda

Towels after swimming

Cuddling Elsie

Mick playing horseshoes

Marilyn and Betty talking to each other while watching different games

Girls running. 



The rotating in crowd. Or the resters. Not sure which. Or maybe both

Trying to find the cat

Hay, boys, and pink chairs

I love this kid

Dana, Dad, and Shawn

Mud and an apple core--kids have been here. 

There was a new kennel. And the kids like pretending to be cats and dogs. Which made watching them easier. 

Sunday morning meeting was wonderful. We had it in the garage, since there were close to 60 people. There is something so special about having meeting with people you have visited with for a few days. Knowing what is feeding anothers soul is so... beautiful.  

Even if the rooster wandered too close and the dogs whined from their kennel and Elsie was slightly fussy. Nothing can diminish that beauty.


Lovely people. 
I like Matt and Perry over here on the right hand side, both looking seriously at two different things

More photographers

There is a lot of blue/purple. 

Flowers in their hair. 
This is Livie's picture again. Once you get in the habit of stealing other people's pictures it is sort of hard to stop.


Alfresco pingpong

Girls and dirt

Kids, water, and pool noodles. 

Lucia being crowded off the swing by Bronson

Rook or Up and Down the river

David and Ethan--we went on a walk because I was mean and wouldn't let my kids go on a hike.

Tents in the hay field


Elsie Junie



And more asters

Hickory nut

Lily with a stick

Then Justin had to try David's way of piggy backing

But Amy carried Lincoln in the more civilized way

After hiking

Lily playing with Papa and Dawna

Justin got to play with Shawn, so he was happy! 

There was a lot of snuggling

Watching around the world ping pong

Stefan and Caleb B at the end of a round.

Katherine snuggled up watching

Marilyn and Heidi visiting 

Grandpa teasing Elliott

Sleeping in the camper Sunday night. Justin stayed out there with them, while I went home with my one child. 

How things looked when I left. I think ping pong went on for some time.

What things looked like when I came back Monday morning. The goodbye circle.

Gilbert waving goodbye.

Jammy girl

The goodbye circles got smaller and less circular as the day went on

The kids

Cheyenne wanted a picture of herself in this. "Like a picture frame!"

And so Rilla wanted a picture of her with her noodle

Wandering around

Olivia pressure washing the roaster

While Dad, Tori, Mick, and Owen got the corn chopper going

This is what Dad and Tori were telling me to come get a picture of. A mouse. I don't like it. Even though it is cute.

A dirty handed Graham

... wielding a pry bar thing-y.

Saying goodbye to Papa. Sad, sad babies!

Kim and Elliott

Dad and Elsie

Everyone is gone...

Even the kids have left

But the guys still hang around--making a cider press out of an old washing machine

Ryan, offering his engineer point of view

And finally, rolling up, folding, and putting away.

And that was the pig roast. 

Wonderful, wonderful weekend.


Lisa said...

Wow, looks fun, and you guys really cleaned up the place/garage, I'm impressed! Sadly, because of the time of year/harvest, we will never be able to attend while farming. But farming is a good life, and we like it. Can't wait to see you before too long!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Lovely pictures! The Stalker Ryan picture is great. The one of David and Rachel together is very sweet. And lots of cute kid pictures all round. And it WAS the best pig roast ever! At least until next year...

Cecil and Amy said...

Wow, Bet...that was a LOT of work to get these all up and captioned! There are so many I want to comment on, but it would be kind of hard now, wouldn't it? So...two things:
1. I was bowled over by the garage! Not only were people allowed to LOOK at it, it was actually used! Kudos to Clover!

2. The goodbye circle almost looked funereal! I can almost feel it myself!

Maybe some year I'll be able to join you all! By then, it will be the next generation inviting their friends!

laura said...

Wooooeee! This reminds me of our "girls trips" we took... and the hundreds of pictures we'd have afterwards! Fun times!