September 21, 2012


Things that are making me happy right here, right now

1. Elsie and Gilbert are both sleeping. And they went to sleep at slightly different times, which meant I got to snuggle Gilbert to sleep. It is a rare thing to snuggle just one of my growing up babies. Generally they travel in a pack or cuddle when I am feeding Elsie. Which is awesome too, but it IS nice to cuddle Gilbert and have him pat my cheek while he sucks his thumb to sleep. And then I had the delicious choice of either taking a nap myself or having some uninterrupted quiet house time all to myself. I chose the quiet.

2. Elsie. She is starting to coo and burble and talk an awful lot. Mix that in with smiles and it is an unbeatable combination. Absolute perfection.

3. Lunch. I look forward to lunch. In my stay-at-home Mom world, lunch is a pleasant, undemanding (unless you are Gilbert or Elsie) ritual. Or unless you decide not to eat until you get this or that done and it is 2 before you start fixing lunch. Then I just want to growl at everyone and illogically lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I don't recommend postponing lunch. And right now, I have the makings for a panni style sandwich--sourdough bread, mozzarella cilantro pesto, chipotle mayonnaise, and, because it was defrosted, venison. Absolutely yum. I plan on putting the recipe up someday.

4. Justin and Owen are down at camp in the Adirondacks. This doesn't make me happy that Justin is gone, but they are working (hooray!) on doing a roof and getting to go fishing and canoeing.. Despite what Justin likes to pretend he thinks, I like it when he is able to fish and boat and be outside. And I like it when a job he was a little unsure of (roofing an A-frame) goes much smoother than he thought it might and safer than I thought (no one fell to their death! Yay!). And having him leave, means he gets to come home, which is always such a wonderful thing!

5. My house is clean. My laundry is still in a complicated state, but Gilbert's speech therapist comes on Friday mornings, so the house is clean. There is such a calmness in a clean house. You don't see 431 things to do each time you look across the living room.

And now I should attack that laundry while there is calm and quietness.


Rebekah said...

Chiming in with your happiness post! I'm happy too!! Just home from a wonderful convention, school routines are in place and I'm enjoying the whole nuture and love my family when they come phase. :) Hugs to you!

Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

double post some how!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Postponed lunches invariably lead to trauma around here. I wish I had someone to swoop in and make me a nourishing, healthy, delicious lunch everyday.

I can't wait to see your cooing baby sometime soonish!