September 14, 2012

Happiness List

When I first got on facebook, three whole years ago ("who NEEDS facebook? Waste of time.") everyone was passing around these lists. "25 things about me" "10 things things you didn't know about my life" All sorts of nice "I'm going to talk about me for a little while" sort of list. Which I filled out. Because who doesn't like to talk about themselves? Especially when you can act like you aren't really self centered, it was just that so and so said I had to do this quizzy thing. Then either Lindsey or Verity started making happy lists. "Five reasons to be happy" While they still are opportunities to talk about yourself, it was good for me to think about the things that were making me happiest and write these lists. And it was nice to read other peoples lists and see what was making them happy.

So I have decided to revive this Happy list thing. Each Friday, except the ones in which I don't, I will make a list of 5 things that have made me happy this week.

So here goes.

1. The weather. It was up around 80 yesterday, but the rest of the week was in the 60's/70's. Definitely fall.

2. Justin has been home quite a bit. I am actually liking this not having a steady job thing. I love having him around. He has been catching up on all sorts of projects, cuddling the kids, reading books, taking Gilbert to run errands. He worked Monday and Tuesday and is getting ready for a week long job this coming week, so he hasn't been completely unemployed. Still it is nice to have him hang around a bit.

3. I have a flannel nightgown from LL Bean. My dearest Mumsy bought me one for snuggling my kids in this winter. I have wanted one for a long time. By wearing one, I understand that I am giving up all pretensions of still being young or hip. I also understand that no one will ever take my fashion advice again. But oh! it is comfy and warm and perfect for days in which I don't need to stir from my house. It is the human equivalent of preparing for hibernation or feathering my nest--making it just right for settling down in for the duration and raising my little chickies. My settled down nightgown. And I love being settled down.
Phew. I bet you didn't know nightgowns could mean that much.

4. We are getting back into our routine. I realize that I could always have a routine, make myself get up everyday all summer at 6:30, having the kids ready by 7:15 and have half my chores done by 9. However, there is a difference in knowing I could do this and actually doing it. And I haven't been doing it. Now that I have to, I love it. I like being up for a few minutes before anyone else. I like the quietness of looking outside to see what sort of day it is. I like the repetition of getting the girls ready, sending them off on the bus, hugging Gilbert, reading him books, getting him breakfast, feeding Elsie, having quiet time, doing dishes, switching laundry. And I especially like glancing over at the clock after all doing all those things and seeing that it is 8:30. It makes me feel I can accomplish anything.

5. The girls are settling into school. I hate to send my kids off to the unknown world of a new school year. But both seem to like their teachers and are getting to know the kids in their class. Orianna generally refrains from settling in until she is 100% sure that it will all be okay. So school is rough for the first few days and I have to make her go. Unlike Lily who pops up in bed and says "I know why you are waking us up. We get to go to school today." and runs out with excitement to start her day. Sweet little sisters, so close in age and so completely different. And with them gone for the day, Gilbert is sort of coming into his own. I just love to see their little personalities emerging.


laura said...

I like this series! It makes me happy!

And the background... superb!

Verity Earl said...

I am way past due for a happiness list! I think it's been about 2 years since I've written one!

Connie said...

Isn't it nice having a REASON to have a routine?! Same here- school hits and it's "back to normal" which I like as well. Memories made with the family far outweigh anything else in the world so cherish the time Justin isn't working his tail off. Happiness is vastly underrated because so many people think that "things" in life cause happiness, but we actually have the ingredients right at home with our family.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I like your qualifier: "except the ones in which I don't".

I also like your list. I am glad the girls like school, and Lily's morning wake up realization is completely awesome. I'm hoping we can actually get into a routine here, instead of a frantic anxiety attack every morning. Maybe staying home for a week will help.

Have fun being unfashionable in your snuggly nightie!