October 30, 2016

Saturday in October--Pies and leaves and wood and friends

After our walk in the woods, we came back to do some pie making and talking. In the interest of honesty, I will state that I contributed nothing to pie making. Unless you consider picture taking part of the process.

Lily wanted to get in on the pie making. Tori nicely let her measure.

Orianna brought her flute over for some coaching from Fiona.

Rilla read Archie

Elliott played on a keyboard and talked to himself. We love Elliott!

Back to the kitchen

Kitchen work is much more fun when there is talking to be had.

Orianna got to help, too.

Leaves we brought back from our walk. I consider it a great sadness that leaves can't just stay looking like this. But no. Within a few hours, they are curled and less bright. Sigh. 

Lily admiring the apple pie she helped Tori make.

Elsie getting a Livie squeeze.

Gilbert getting Tori and Fiona snuggles

Inspired by the Great British Baking Show, Livie made two meat pies, a tortierre and a venison pie. 


Justin spent the day in the shop, fixing the backhoe.

Dad talking politics with the feed salesman.

Sweet pink girls!

The kids were antsy in the afternoon, so we went on a drive to see the cows.

Sarah bonded with Beauty

These two were not amused.

I love this picture! Sarah is pretty awesome. 

Mama cow and her mini-me. 

Meanwhile Elliott ignored everything and read a Donald Duck.

Taking a break from wood cutting.

Last swing of the summer!


Uncle Owen and Elsie

Grandma and Abilene

Justin got the backhoe going!! 

Smoothing the driveway

Daisy being over-loved by enthusiastic kids

Fiona playing the piano


Orianna put Abilene asleep

Celebrating Alice and Ashley's birthday at union meeting.

These girls! 

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Geri Douglas said...

these pictures were wonderful to see!! I was just telling Scott I was going to make a Tortierre tomorrow when Connie, Chris and the boys come over. Hope it turns out as lovely as yours did.