October 19, 2016

Lily's Birthday Evening

Since Lily's birthday, Dad's birthday, and Ashley's birthday are all within a week of each other, Livie decided to fly home to spend the week. It was a surprise for Lily and she was entirely enchanted. Livie made Lily a birthday pavlova and Ashley or Tori made supper, so there wasn't much for me to do. So I went for a picture taking expedition.


Woodpile shenanigans

Cows in the sunlight.

Don't mind me. I am going to post a lot of cow pictures. Feel free to tune out.

I love this picture!

Sunlit cow

The sky was dramatic! I had to take a lot of pictures.

September skies

The Dalmatian calf

Stripey-tummy calf

Cows and their Owen

Dad fixing something or other on Tori's car

Flying over

While I was out gallivanting, Livie was hard at work on the Pavlova

The nine year old and her pavlova

Owen teasing her about something

My sweet Lily!

Shy girl

Silly girl.
And yes, we do routinely forget birthday candles for all the 15 birthdays or so we celebrate every year. So we fall back on random candles. This one was strawberry, so it matched her strawberry pavlova anyway.

Lily is fascinated by rocks. She spent a good part of the summer breaking open rocks to see what they were like inside. So we bought her geodes. They came with goggles.

It turned out to be a pretty good batch of geodes (National Geographic kit on Amazon, if you are interested.)
This one was pretty blue in person. But not in the picture.

I love these kids!


Virginia said...

Oh man, your Lily is a sweet kid! I love that she’s into rocks! Maybe you have a future geologist your hands??

That cows look utterly (udder-ly?) brushable. I guess the way the sunlight hits them reminds me of brushing the jerseys smooth.

Bethaney said...

I love that you think cows look brushable! :-)

And Lily is totally a geologist in the making. This is the... third year she has been obsessed with rocks, so apparently it isn't going away. But she just discovered origami.