October 12, 2016

School/life things

It turns out that working, taking 5 graduate classes, and living life is a little frantic. I am about half way through the semester now. Only two more months! I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a school librarian without taking college classes. Maybe I would actually be able to think and plan ahead a little. Instead of frantically scrambling on Sunday nights to come up with something to do with the little cherubs. But things are going pretty good. Today I was showing the third grade a new bunch of books that had come in--mostly non-fiction, so not the most exciting batch of books I have ever seen. I had showed sixth grade the day before and they were not too impressed. Third grade got into it though. They cheered for each new book. I felt like a talk show hostess. Except with smaller hair. That sort of thing makes me love my job.

These kids make me love my life. 

Going back to school--Elsie dejected, Gilbert thrilled. Elsie IS going to pre-K now at my school. Started this week. But at this point, she was a little lonesome about the whole idea.

I love Gilbert in this one.

And then, they switch. Elsie smiles randomly at something, Gilbert looks a little worried. 

A new year!

Up in the skidsteer bucket

Elsie didn't think that was a good idea. So she stayed firmly on the ground.


A less spectacular sunrise, but a beautifully gentle one.  


Geri Douglas said...

your kids are special and so are you. I agree Gilbert looks so happy and love that one particularily too

Virginia said...

I heart you guys. And am wowed by your accomplishments, grad school working mom!