October 25, 2016

A walk in the woods to visit the woodcutters

While Livie was home, Scott and Sarah and Fiona and Clover and Evan all came up for the weekend. (That is a lot of "and.")
We had a lovely time!
For some reason, my pictures are not refocusing as they normally do when I enlarge them on here. Hopefully they do it when I post this. Otherwise they are all a little out of focus.
Saturday morning, people were cutting wood in the woods and the kids were a little stir crazy, so we went to see the woodcutters.

Elsie brought along her plastic snake. Because, why not?
And yes, Saturday's are the day when I don't do my daughter's hair. No judging!

Elsie skipping with her snake.

This girl is lovely.

For some reason, there is definite segregation between the yellow and red trees. No blending for them!

Tori heard us coming and came out to see what we were up to. She must have super hearing to hear little kids approaching over the whine of chainsaws. Or these kids are super loud. Either one. Or both.

Serious discussion

Loading up the dump wagon

Cutting. There are loads of windfall trees every year, so there is always plenty of wood to cut.

Strong people

The kids had to help too

And then we decided we were done with all that noise. So we wandered off.

If you pretend the snotty nose isn't happening, this is a sweet picture.

Feeling the soft wooly lambs ears.


Old friends

Tires and brambles

Grandpa's big truck. They wanted to try it as a slide, but being boring, I said no.

When I was looking through my pictures, I was trying to remember where this trail was and why I took this picture. Then I realized it is the creek. This is how much water was in the creek. None. For a few months now, the creek has been dusty and grassy. We had a heavy three days of rain last week, so now it looks proper again, but it was so dry this summer.

Talking cousins

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