November 2, 2016


Guess what? I am still putting pictures up of the first weekend in October! This is the longest, most drawn out weekend I have practically ever seen. But it was a really great weekend and I took a lot of pictures. 

These pictures are all about the woodpile. We spent a good bit of time around the woodpile, although Owen did his bet to lure everyone away from the pile to play hearts. At one point he said he refused to be one of those people who invites people to their house to make them work, so we had to go play hearts. Scott and Sarah ignored him. 

In the morning, the kids played with the logs.

They built a road

And a house

I love the hard hat full of leaves.

Mom's morning glory 

The big girls going on a walk, which was the impetus for the little kids needing to go on a walk. 

Cute little Abilene bird in the woodpile

There was a lot of wood

Wood explorers

I love these kids.

Isn't she marvelous?

Yep! She is. I think I will put up a lot of pictures about her.


Grandpa and the wood splitter with an audience

Beautifully split wood

Gilbert and Grandpa

Owen and Hoyt doing wood

Carrying wood to the basement window

Impromptu coffee table

When the basement is finally full, we all sat around on the remaining woodpile.

Cheyenne, Sarah, and I


Evan and his Lincoln boy

And his Elliott boy

Those White boys!

Sarah and Scott

My grown up Cheyenne girl!

Woodcutter Dad

Tori, with her why-are-you-taking-a-picture-of-me face.

Cheyenne cuddling Abilene

Livie and Daisy

Dimply Livie

Scott in a tractor, Gilbert in a little car.

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The McCoys said...

Totally awesome pics - you have such a great way of capturing people as they are - great smiles all around :)