October 17, 2016

Dana's Buddy Walk

In September, we got to go down to Elmira, to walk with our good friend Dana in the annual Buddy Walk for Down's Syndrome awareness.

It was at a beautiful park, whose name I forget. But it was gorgeous. It had these beautiful dragon paddleboats that the kids wanted to take out for a spin. But we did not have time, so we saved that for another day.

Janet brought a sign for Dana to hold and had all of us sign it a draw a little picture.

The kids had fun adding their personal mark to the sign.

There were a few characters in costume, including this owl. The kids were enchanted. And a little nervous.

There were carnival games. Pretty much, they wanted an excuse to give toys away. I think it may have been impossible to walk away without a prize. Which is lovely!
This was a fun game--Knock the Trolls Down with beanbags.

There was quite a crowd, which was great! Jim and Janet brought a big bunch of balloons, so all the kids were well ballooned.

Starting our walk.

Ducks and Geese galore!

Afterwards, there was a hotdog picnic. Don't we look festive with all those balloons? This was just before Janet came walking over with a huge selection of toys the kids won in the raffle. Janet put in loads of tickets with their name to make sure they got something. They almost all got something!!

Merry-go-round! It was a huge, vintage thing with wood carved horses.

It also went really fast. The kids were in love.

Afterward, we went to Jim and Janet's for the afternoon and an early supper. Janet had these incredible morning glories. Aren't they super?

I am majorly in love with this spot. Isn't it delightful? I want one just like it. That is a Sweet Autumn Clematis and Janet said it was just a vine until about a week or so earlier when it burst into total bloom.

Checking out Janet's garden

A flock of turkeys outside

The kids had a blast playing in Janet's little porch, full of toys and delights.

To top off a marvelous day, Janet and Heidi took them for a ride in the Gator. There was loud singing involved.
As Rilla hoped off the Gator she announced "This was the best day ever."

And riotous behavior. Crazy kids! Janet is exceedingly patient.

Meanwhile, the guys were down at Ben and Molly's fixing up their ditch!
It was a marvelous day!

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Geri Douglas said...

very nice to see these pictures. Looked like a nice day for a Walk