December 31, 2015

Around Christmas

Some rather random pictures of Christmas. I realized I never actually got out the camera when everyone was together. Ah well.

This is mid December. Can you imagine it being this warm in the frozen north? So warm that our October Pumpkin is still not a frozen/thawed mess? 

Christmas Eve was 70 degrees and windy, so we took a walk to Grandma and Grandpa's

Lily and Gilbert being zombies

Lily and her walking stick 

Clouds scudding across the sky

Hoyt's windblown look.

Gorgeous clouds

Before Cody left, he put a front loader on the Deutz. Which made it rather Christmasey.

Making sugared cranberries

Justin and Dad helped Gilbert put a new toy together. They both had things to say to whoever made the erector set. "You can't even get the wrench in there to tighten the nut up!"

Oranges and pinecones

My sugared cranberry cake. I really liked it actually. 

A blurry picture of Lily and Orianna's wool felting projects being started. Dad says I depend much too heavily on Justin's goodwill when choosing presents for the kids. Which is sort of true--"Well that looks annoying, but Justin could probably figure that out..." It is a good thing I got such a nice Daddy for my kids. 

Mom had some leftover decorations from work, so the kids got to decorate a little and they were quite pleased with themselves. 


Geri Douglas said...

Beautiful Pictures!!

Jolene Crites said...

WHAT!? Bethany didn't take pictures when everyone was around??? You're slippin', girl! ;)
I was excited to see your sugared cranberry cake. I made a cranberry/orange cheesecake at Thanksgiving that was DELICIOUS. It was the first time I had made sugared cranberries and oranges. (Our Best Bites blog, if you're interested.)
Your dad's comment about you relying on Justin's good will in your gift giving gave me a big chuckle! I have been guilty of this type of thing too. Except this house lacks Justin's good will... The kids have to rely on their own initiative to put these things together, which doesn't always happen. So eventually I changed my gift giving style, a bit. :)

Happy New Years!!

Bethaney said...

I know! I was rather appalled at my apathy as well. :-) So I was particularly annoying on New Years and last Sunday, taking pictures of everything. Cranberry Orange Cheesecake sounds superb!! I will have to check that out.