December 3, 2015

Cows and Stormy Skies

Before Thanksgiving, Hoyt and Elsie and I decided to go see the cows one afternoon. The sky was a little stormy and the sun just so. We left Abilene with Lindsey and headed outside into the wind.

It was windy, which made the kids very silly


Breaking the new Suburban in

Clearly, I love stormy skies

Hoyt loves cows outside the window

This one needs a new personal stylist

I think the cows expected more when I drove into their pasture. Really? That is it? No hay? 

Windblown Penny

My pal Hoyt

Love this boy bunches!

1 comment:

Geri Douglas said...

those cows seem to pose for you, and love the kiddie pics, they are growing and oh so cute!