December 15, 2015

Various things

Well, we have been off antibiotics for less than a week and we have sore throats, fevers, and headaches again. So back to the doctor's this afternoon. Heavy sigh. I weep for our healthier selves. I have been telling people that I feel like we are the before picture of a healthy living blog--"The moment of clarity came when we were all on antibiotics for the second time in one month. We knew we had to make a change. Then a friend introduced us to...." (fill in with essential oils, gluten free eating, clean eating, veganism, apple cider vinegar, homeopathy) "and it made all the difference."

Except that no one has introduced us to anything miraculous yet. Get on that, you people. Find a cure for what ails us. 

In the meantime, we will keep trying the same old, same old antibiotics and hope for a different outcome. (If the strep test is positive this afternoon, that is.) We had some blood work done on Friday and hopefully we will get some answers soon. Until then, don't expect us to swallow anything with abandon. Strep makes you stop and consider the pros and cons of every swallow you make. And inevitably, the question "Does drooling really look that bad?" comes to mind. So far we are still socially acceptable, non-drooling people. But if this continues, I make no guarantees.

And now that was have some sickness and drool on our minds, onward and upward to cheerier things. Like sunlight, squash, sunsets, and... squidlets. (Ha! I couldn't think of an s word for kids, but I persevered and came up with a Douglas/Uncle Scott word.) 

Tricycle in sunlight

Butternut squash

Mom's Geranium's

Lindsey took a good picture of Mom's geranium windowsill and the Northern New York sky. So I will steal it. It doesn't look like late November does it?

Last month, when we had a dusting of snow. We haven't had snow since. 

Steamy spaghetti squash and my poinsettia. I adore poinsettias. They are so flamboyant. 

Moira sunset

Gilbert being proud of being a bucket filler

Some more geese. I love geese. 

Dad made us all breakfast the morning Lindsey left.

And then, we decided to color. 

The flash washes it out, but Lindsey's was quite vibrant

Coloring is hard work. What if you choose the wrong colors?!? You ruin it, that's what. I am not sure I like these colors all together. But I picked them with confidence, so that is something. 

Orianna took some pictures of the kids in the suburban while we worked cows a week and a half ago

Apparently there was a lot of hugging


Hoyt sharing little books with Abilene. Hoyt is such a good big brother. He loves Abilene so totally. 

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Connie Schuler said...

Beautiful pictures! Sorry you guys are so sick! Hopefully it's not something in your house making you sick:( Patsy and my niece Lilly were always sick frequently for years with sore throats and headaches and haven't been once since they moved 6 months ago, so they determined it was something in their old house since was built in the 1930's.