January 4, 2016

A Sunday at Connie's

We had a marvelous New Year's at Clover and Evan's. But I will put pictures of that up tomorrow. Today, I am going to put up pictures of our snowy Sunday. It was one of those Sundays that seem so perfectly right. From a wonderful meeting, to happiness at being together, to beautiful snow, to Sunday afternoon naps, and then finally, the quietness of kids sleeping, getting rested up for heading back to school tomorrow after a week and a half of glorious freedom. 


There was a steady snow all day it seemed like. Nothing crazy, but steady, with a few inches of accumulation. Connie had asked us all to stay after for lunch, which we were more than willing to do. Connie is a bit famous for her cooking.  

Owen talking to Allie, while Elsie pats his arm. 
You can see Owen's bald spot, where the tree hit him in the head. Have I mentioned that? A few weeks ago, Owen was in the woods, hauling some logs out, when suddenly he woke up with a bloody head. At some point in being knocked out, he was conscious enough to know he had to do something with the tractor and put it in neutral, which was fortunate, since the tractor had started climbing a tree, The tire marks on the tree are shoulder high and if he hadn't put it in neutral, the tractor would have flipped. He called 911 and Dad, who met him just as Owen staggered out of the woods covered in blood. The rescue truck still hadn't got enough people to drive out to the farm, so Dad drove him to the ambulance, still at the fire station. It was all very nerve wracking and busy with Ashley sorting out what to do with kids (I kept them) and Cody driving Ashley into Malone, and the general chaos that emergencies cause. Owen had to have a lot of staples, but it is healing quite well. His hair is even starting to grow back. After dropping Owen off at the ambulance, Dad went back into the woods to see what happened. About forty yards behind the tractor, a tree had fallen across the path. which must have hit Owen's head. It is still hard to believe he was as lucky as he was--to not fall off under a tire, not have the tractor flip, not have his neck broken....

Elsie hanging out close to the snack dish while lunch is being prepared.

Dad and Hoyt checking on the progress in the kitchen.

Scott and Allie.

Justin carving the roast.

Gilbert and Hoyt being friends together.

Sarah and Tori setting the table

Kitchen work!

Chris and Gilbert have a chat

Standing around while things were finalized in the kitchen.

Sitting around, Ashley and Lily playing Old Maid

Abilene and Sarah

It was a yummy lunch, in true Connie style, with mashed potatoes (my kid's favorite food in all the world), meat, rolls, and several wonderful vegetable sides. The kind of lunch that makes you wish you had more stomach space. 

And while we were eating, I couldn't help going outside to see the snow falling on the evergreens and the river. 

It was gorgeous. These pictures don't do it justice. And to be standing in the snow, watching it swirl down against a backdrop of evergreens... well. It was marvelous. 

A good bit of the slow part of the river is frozen in thin ice. 

Then back inside with a foggy lens and snowy hair to a smiling Abilene.

Talking and eating. Connie of course had been hopping up and being busy, so she isn't quite as done as every one else. She is fabulous. 

Dad keeping the kids safe while people pull out. 

An Amish buggy on the way home. They have umbrellas with a clear square of plastic, so they can put them down to protect them from the wind and still see where they are going. 

Crooked, snowy fields. This is the kind of picture you get when you ask your husband to "take a picture of those fields" while you drive. 

Connie had seen these looms reduced at Wal-mart, so got them for the girls. She had had one of these potholders Owen had made for her once in the days of long ago, out at lunch today. 

The girls adore them and have already made a potholder each. 

Justin and Gilbert worked on lacing a leather star, which came out quite nicely. I will have to take a picture of it.

Elsie was unconcerned about all this crafting, and settled in with her Donald Duck comic and some kleenex.

While I settled in for a nap. Oh joy!

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Cecil and Amy said...

Ahhhh, home sweet home! Love the pictures! Would you possibly be able to send a couple of your favorite ones to to me as a bigger file- one of these needs to be on my wall and I'd like it to be a large print so not pixelated! They are GREAT.