December 14, 2015

A weekend

There was a lot of electronics going on

Collaborative Minecraft

Aunt Livie snuggles

Mom and Fiona having a chit chat

We took a walk late Saturday afternoon

And I don't know what is up with the setting on my camera, but these pictures are all a little off.


One, two, three!

Delighted, blurry Lincoln

Elsie getting a piggy back ride

Blurry friends 

Coming home

Purple twilight

Cheyenne's birthday cake

The kids who are too little to take a walk with the big kids wanted to do something. Surprisingly, we went to see cows. And I took some pictures. 

Tori feeding cows

Big girls taking a walk

Little big girls taking a walk 

And then Justin saddled up Beauty and gave the kids rides

Elsie's little clogs

Hoyt was cold and I was holding Elsie's extra jacket, so he got a fur coat for a minute while Ashley got his real jacket

Fiona and Hoyt

General excitement

Hoyt and Aunt Livie

Owen checking the calves

Hoyt loves his Daddy

Some mud

Some late geese flying high

And then, the grown ups had to have a go.

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Geri Douglas said...

I can't get over how much Tori looks like your mom in that last picture! Loved all the pictures as usual, lots of cute squidlets ( using Scott's word.