December 10, 2015

Working Cows

Last Saturday, we worked cows. By we, I mean everyone else, I wandered around with a clipboard writing down weights and numbers and getting in people's way. So now, you have to endure some more cow pictures. I do apologize. But I do like cow pictures, so maybe I am not entirely sorry. 

The calves were weaned. metal ear tagged, and dewormed. 

Also, we are all done our antibiotics and are hale and hearty. High five! Just in time for Olivia being home! Hopefully she didn't bring any germs with her.  

Buffalo child or her child. 

I do like Highlanders. Even if they aren't very good at feed to beef conversion. 


Justin being the guardian of the chute. He and Cody took turns bossing the calves around.

Anxious mamas 

Less anxious mamas

Sometimes the calves put a lot of effort into not going forward. There is probably an allegory for life here. 

This particular cow seemed to be a bit more intuitive than the others. As soon as her calf was in the chute, she came charging over to make sure we were taking the proper care of her baby. 

Sunlit calves in winter coats

All done

Sun going down

The work crew

There was a lot of this. I could here the cows squall a mile and a half away the next morning. Poor neighbors

Competent Tori

Manure covered rubber boots.

It was cold, so the kids went into the Suburban to play. I told them they had to take off their boots before they climbed all over in there. I felt so grown up and bourgeois, caring about the condition of my vehicle. 

I quite like my Suburban with unmanurey leather seats. 

Evening sky

Beautiful Full Circle Farm calves

Justin and Hoyt driving the Suburban

Growing piggies

Elm tree sunset sky

Cody welding

And then inside for scrumptious homemade donuts from Tori. 

A pretty fabulous day.

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Geri Douglas said...

you got some crazy good pictures of cows, I really love the one of the cow scratching himself on the post, he has a look of pure pleasure! Great job as usual! Glad Livie could get home, and happy Anniversary to Clover and Evan!!