October 2, 2014

Fall Things

It has been a busy little while. Gilbert had ear tube and adenoid surgery on the 12th. The following week, Lily got sick with what we found out a week and a half later was Lyme's disease. It was a week and a half full of a sick, sad Lily, several trips to the doctor, blood tests, and a lot of potential diagnoses zinging around my head. The doctor actually ordered a test to rule out leukemia--"I have to think in worst case scenarios." So the dramatic diagnoses were not all in my imagination. It was a relief to have a positive Lymes test. She is on a three week course of antibiotics and is back to being her perky, happy self, so life is good. We will have to keep an eye on her for any recurrence of symptoms in the next few months, but hopefully, it will be all taken care of. 

And then, we have been busy with all the normal parts of life. School, errands, check ups, housework, re-ordering our house (we moved Orianna and Lily to a different room, so lots of reorganization and furniture moving), and switching from summer clothes to our fall/winter wardrobe. I read a blog, recommended by a Jolene on minimal wardrobes, which inspired me to get rid of a lot of our clothes. A pair and a spare is our new motto. Okay, I just totally made that up. We still have a closet full of clothes. But it felt like I got rid of most of our clothes. It felt good actually! And it still feels good. But sort of weird. I am used to options. In the dozens. And now I just stand there and choose between a handful of outfits. 

So that is our month, in a nutshell. And here are some pictures of a walk we took in the middle of it. 

My Elsie bean. Being cool in her spider boots (a favorite) and hat. Carrying her baby.

Checking out the new hole in the side of the barn, where Uncle Owen is making a door to put round bales through. 


Geese overhead

Electric fence maneuverings. 

This was in the midst of Lily's week of feeling sick, so she wasn't terribly enthusiastic.

Lily and her pink penguin

Asters and goldenrod

Gilbert, giving Elsie's baby a piggyback ride

Lily and her giant stick

Gilbert, laying down for a rest. He thought it was hilarious. 

Sun struck kids

That Saturday, I filled my van to the tippy top and headed to the Thrift store to donate it all. It was a beautiful drive, even if it was cloudy.


laura said...

That's funny - I've been reading up a lot lately on minimalist wardrobes too. I started an email to you today including the very thing :-P Can you share the address of the blog you read?

Bethaney said...

Laura, the blog I read initially was http://www.houseforfive.com/2013/08/purging-closet-30-piece-wardrobe-free.html. Then I looked at a lot of lists people made up for themselves, etc. I didn't actually make a list and I didn't really stick to any particular idea. Just got rid of stuff that really doesn't suit me/doesn't fit right/doesn't match anything/isn't worn much. I figured I should ease myself into a minimalist wardrobe, since I tend to have too many clothes and might go crazy in a week or two if I went down to 10 mixable tops and bottoms. And then go buy back all my stuff from the thrift store. :-)

Geri Douglas said...

Glad Lily will be alright and it isn't anything worse, and hope Gilbert's surgery goes well too, he will have it on Ryker's Bday! love all the pics!

Virginia said...

First, love the fall pics. Super lovely. Second, I accidentally gave myself a minimalist wardrobe when I moved last month b/c I became overzealous in my purging. I'm slowly buying it back. Like, I gave away all of my basic colored scarves. And tights. Why did I give away ALL of my tights?? So I can understand approaching minimalist wardrobes cautiously. ;-)

Jolene Crites said...

You got to look out for those Jolenes and what they might inspire you to do!! I'm exactly the same way about hogging clothes. I love having options. And if I wore something once a year, it justified it being in my closet! So far I'm not really missing anything that I gave away. You? And, full disclosure, I have bought some new clothes already. But they are ones that I really love and have/will wear often.

So glad Lily doesn't have something worse, but still feel bad for her and you. :(

Also wondering, is that the drive that you make every time you go to town?! So beautiful!!!!!

Jeannie said...

Hi Bethaney! Fun to check in and catch up. Hope you are all feeling on the up and up there! Love all your fall pictures - beautiful!

Rebekah said...

That's so funny that we've both taken on our closets! I didn't get down to the magic number the blogger I read about had gotten down to…but I might be getting close b/c I did just weed out a few more shirts!!

Rebekah said...

That's so funny that we've both taken on our closets! I didn't get down to the magic number the blogger I read about had gotten down to…but I might be getting close b/c I did just weed out a few more shirts!!