October 30, 2014

Of failed Halloween Costume Sewing and Random Pictures

I was planning on having the kids Halloween costumes done and doing a blog post on how original their costumes were and what a great seamstress I am. But surprisingly, they aren't done. I just had to rip a zipper out this morning. So tomorrow might be pictures of cobbled together costumes that I could have bought cheaper, with higher quality sewing to begin with. I always think it will be fun. As though losing my temper at inanimate objects (like my sewing machine, a zipper, recalcitrant trim) is fun. 

One of my facebook friends posted an Elsa dress she sewed in one afternoon. And it went so well, she sewed another dress (just for fun!) for her daughter. 

I might hate her. 

Meanwhile, I will go sew the zipper in again, (probably to tear it out again) and make a mental note just to buy the stupid things next year. The trouble is, next year is so far away, so by the time it rolls around, it seems like a good idea again.  

Elsie just pulled out a little bunny snow hat and is perfectly delighted with it. 
She would be content walking about trick or treating in a snow hat. And yet I somehow think I need to make a darling little costume.... I must love complication. 

In lieu of pictures of Halloween costumes, here are some random pictures from September. And they are from my phone, so they aren't even great quality. But it makes me feel sort of caught up. 

A newt on one of my morning walks. A newt! I had never seen one before. Isn't it cool? 

The meeting of the two Elsies. One of our good friends has a niece Elsie, just a few months younger than our Elsie, so they had to meet. 

Gilbert getting ready for his tube surgery

Isn't he cool?

The Down Syndrome Society walk

There is face painting, which the kids love. Gilbert was a pirate.

Lily just got a design

Orianna is a princess

Gilbert's speech teacher, for four years was there, so Gilbert had to walk with her. He loves Cathy!

Walking in front of the library. 

Gilbert and Logan

Some of the Down Syndrome Society members.

A bouncy house obstacle course!

A stop at Bokie's afterward for ice cream. We love Bokies!

Autumn field

Apple Tree

Super Gilbert ready for meeting

Corn in the morning

Best Buds


Jolene Crites said...

You always bring me a chuckle! Why do we always think making complicated things is so romantic and ideal?!? I'm so guilty of this too. Although, I'd have to say that being married to Andy for almost 20 years is causing this feeling to wear pretty thin... Maybe by the time my kids are gone it'll be gone altogether. :)

Olivia Vaughan said...

Ok, a lot of these pictures are cute. But that last one is perfectly precious!