September 17, 2014

Some days in September

Things have been busy around here. School starting, Livie here for a visit, Gilbert's ear tube surgery, and now Lily is sick with some virus thing and has been home for the past two days. We went to the doctor this morning and surprisingly, the doctor said maybe I should keep her out of school. Doctors never say that. She had a mild fever yesterday, but mostly, just headache and joint pain. We just have to wait and see if it goes away before the doctor orders a ton of tests. Bleh. 

But it is fall and so beautiful. Puffy clouds, brooding skies, spotty sunshine, and thick blanket weather. Happy sigh!

First day girls

Love them! They are good friends. About 82.5% of the time.

Livie and Tori came to see them off

All the first day kids. Except for Mr. Pajama-boy, who was not sent to school. I feel good about him staying home. He turned five two weeks before school started and we debated most of the summer whether we should send him or not. But this feels right. And he was completely okay with the girls getting on the bus and him staying home. He seemed delighted actually. The whole house to himself. Or at least, himself and Elsie, who is generally perfectly happy to participate in Gilbert's schemes. No bossy older sisters!

Tori is the last of the Vaughans and this is her last year. Which means the last first day of school in 31 years for Mom and Dad. 

Gilbert after the kids left. Painting with a bookbag.

A bible bag Justin made for Cody 

Justin helping Gilbert pogo

Taking a walk. Orianna had just told Lily who was carrying the notebook and pen "Write down about the purple flower." Lily diligently wrote for 30 seconds and decided to give the notebook and pen to Elsie and run ahead. 

Letting Elsie be the secretary. 

A flock of birds

The purple flower


Sunday afternoon walk with the Barkley kids

Late summer fields

Country roads

And I liked this one too.

I just was reading in the Smithsonian about bird flocks moving like this--all in one accord, none of them hitting each other. It is called mummuration, at least in starlings. 

The binoculars we accidentally stole from Papa and Grandma Dawna are a terribly important part of most things. 

Spotty sunshine

A boy and his shadow

Trying to make his shadow funny

Justin and David took a car full of kids for a ride in Cody's station wagon

Evening light


Jolene Crites said...

Love those perfect white clouds. And I'm so happy for Gilbert - it sounds like it was a good decision!

LJ said...

Love all the pictures of the fields! :)

Geri Douglas said...

love your blog. Happy 5th Bday to Gilbert!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love the North Country sky. And your squinchy children.