October 29, 2014

Whites of Columbus

Haha! Instead of Knights of Columbus. Get it? 
Okay. That is the last dumb joke, I promise. 

We went to Whites for Columbus Day weekend. Which was lovely, since we haven't been down there since early summer. We stopped in on our road trip, but the last time I really saw their house was the weekend they moved in. So a lot had changed. Namely, boxes weren't such a fixture in their decorating scheme. 

We had been planning on Columbus Day at Whites for a few weeks. The days leading up to Columbus Day however, were full of calls from the school nurse about kids with fevers and kids staying home with fevers. Gilbert got sick late Thursday night. So we waited until Saturday morning, to ensure everyone was fever free before heading down. Saturday evening, Clover kissed Elsie and said she had a fever. I denied it vehemently. The thermometer would not agree with me, and there she was with a fever of 101. So Elsie and I stayed home from meeting Sunday morning. 

And yes, the White kids did get sick the following week. But I am pretty sure it was completely unconnected....   Ha!

Dress up kids

Sunday Lunch kids

Bonfire! The kids were thrilled. Hotdogs, marshmallows, and cozy fireside sitting.

Cheyenne, the photog.

Daddies and kids

 Elsie had a big, fat nap, staying home with Aunt Clover, while we went to gospel meeting, so she was feeling spry enough for roasted marshmallows. 

I love their red garage!

The kids took us on a tour of their world in the woods behind the house. This was the rain shelter or something.

The drapey lichen stuff are the Christmas Lights, according to Elliott

Shovels and jackets

This was their main hangout. A deep depression in the ground. 

This is a fairy house by Lily and Rilla

Elliott told me that the brown lichen were actually Halloween lights, since they didn't look very Christmas-y.  

Fairy house again. 

Elliott attempting to make a staircase out of their hangout

Girls and their fairy house

A stack of leaves, which was never explained. But is cool, nonetheless.



Walking back to the house. Looks pretty good doesn't it? It is a pretty awesome house!


Geri Douglas said...

a perfect house and a perfect setting. Hope everyone is restored to good health

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

The stack of leaves were napkins, according to Lincoln. Lets hope they don't try that with poison ivy.

Virginia said...

Hey! Thanks for posting some pics, I've been dying to see a finished product! The view from the back looks so upstate NY-y. Cool beans!