October 22, 2014

Kid Photography

My kids take a lot of pictures on my phone and the iPad. I generally delete them, since the majority are of Gilbert's thumb or Elsie's knee. But these ones are cute. Mostly they are pictures Orianna took one Sunday afternoon.

I realize I am subjecting innocent bystanders to my poor quality pictures that only a mother would love. 

Forgive me.

Mostly a photo of the screen

A selfie

Orianna trying to take a selfie with flowers. She does not yet know the turn around/selfie rotation. So these are mostly of flowers.


These are actually pretty good pictures of outside. Just a different perspective. I have an amazing photographer daughter.

Owen just cut this door into the barn, so it was very fascinating to the kids.

This seems symbolic or something. Something powerful lying in the midst of fragile greenness. 

Driveway dirt

These were taken by Gilbert I think.

Then back home to some super heros.

And the quilt in the girls room.
 My grandmother made this actually, Mom's mom. Since I never met her, it is sort of neat to have something she made. 


Geri Douglas said...

now that is what I call photography! love the nose and dog one that is U-nique ha!

Jolene Crites said...

So sweet of you to indulge your kids' photography. And it's not too bad! I foresee some artistic talent in your kiddos!

Virginia said...

Not too shabby! One day she'll be a National Geographic photographer and we'll oo and aa over her early work.