October 27, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

It was such a fall day yesterday. All broody skies, brisk breeze, and cool temperature. I took a longish tramp around the farm, all by myself, which I haven't done in ages. 

Leaves in puddle

The clouds of fall. 

I am not sure if there is legitimacy to the idea that each season has their own signature clouds, but even if science says no, I beg to differ.

A cabbage, the only thing left standing in Tori's garden.

Oh, these skies!

Some of Owen's recent purchases.

A shy little Jersey

The elm tree is sinister without leaves on cloudy days

The observers

Mooing. Just because she can.

Stone wall barb wire

I love moss. Really. 

Isn't it fascinating to think of all the different kinds? All the different communities on one single rock? 

The sun came out in fits and bursts

Sticking his tongue out at the other cows.

Field, sky, and turkeys

We always called these poof bombs or witches purses. They are some form of fungus, which releases a brown cloud when you step on it. We loved them as kids. 

Sunny spots

The hanger-ons

Gorgeous leaves

Not so gorgeous leaves

My shoes. I was a little leery of buying bright pink shoes, but in the 8 months I have had them, I have worn them so much. So always buy the bright shoes. 

And then, since the kids were jealous of my walk, the kids and I walked home. Justin had to come pick up Gilbert, who developed a blister on his heel. But all us girls had a grand time. 


Olivia Vaughan said...

I miss farm walks. And I love your children SO MUCH. Elsie is getting so big!

Geri Douglas said...

your fall is quite advanced. Seems to happen over night. Still a lot of trees here in Pacific Coast. Long walks sound so nice, maybe I can take some at Wayne and Sheena's cabin next month.

Virginia said...

I don't anything witty to say, but I just think your photos are utterly beautiful. As are you, my friend. Nice to see you at the end there!