June 13, 2011

Walking to school

The older kids and I walked to school while Clover went to the dump with Gilbert and Lincoln. It was fun. It is one of the highlights of coming to Clover and Evans.

The girls all wore the matching skirts Clover made. Adorable.

Aren't they cute? Elliott really cracks me up. He has taken to reading the weather page each morning to see what is supposed to happen today and in Watertown, etc. Today, there was a chance of rain with a picture of a rainy cloud. Elliott was very concerned about the rain. He just about threw out the walking to school thing entirely in favor of the dump, since the trip to the dump would at least be in a waterproof car. He compromised by wearing two jackets and bringing his umbrella. I tried to explain the concept of possibilities, it might rain or it might not.
"What does might mean, Aunt Bet?"
(I can't explain concept words)
"Well it means it might rain, or it might not."
Elliott thinks about this a minute.

It didn't rain.

A ballerina rose. Smells outrageously good!


Virginia said...

Love the skirts! And Elliott's concerns about weather!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

My son, the budding meteorologist. And it almost sounds like Clover taking Lincoln and Gilbert to the dump is the highlight of your trips. It was quite exciting and all, BUT...

Lisa said...

My kids would have been most excited about going to the dump, that's a treat with them. Your walk looks quite nice, tho, Elliott didn't want to stomp in the puddles?!