June 16, 2011

Kitchenaid Mixers and Archie Comics

Yesterday's post was pretty heavy, so to balance it out, todays post will be completely lacking in any real point.

First off, I want this Kitchen-Aid mixer. And mine is actually getting worn out, heating up when whipping things and pausing to moan and groan and whirr angrily when I am kneeding bread in it. Therefore it only makes sense that I get this mixer. And it is only about $700. I think I will buy three.

This is pioneer womans mixer. Apparently when you are one of the most famous bloggers in the world, you get to design your own kitchen aid. Actually, it is a company that will paint your kitchen-aid for you. http://www.un-amore.com/ I don't really understand the pricing, but I believe the prices (mostly around $350) is just for the painting and you provide the mixer. EEK. I think I will be sticking to solid colors. Unless I let the kids paint it. For a Jackson Pollack look.....

I have been on a bit of a comic book kick lately. I know it is immature and socially awkward of me to like comic books when I am approaching 30, but too bad. I do. They are the perfect thing for a short, brainless read. Like a break for my brain. I generally only do Donald Duck, Scrooge, and Mickey Mouse. However, I found this collection of Archie comic daily newspaper strips from the 1940's, so I decided to embrace my inner child and buy it. I know this isn't literature, and I shouldn't really be reviewing it, but last night, I was actually laughing out loud while reading it. Not just an occasional chuckle, but serious laughing. Alright, I may have been overtired, but still, this is a good comic book. These characters aren't just the one dimensional, goody goody ones of today's Archie. I am not saying these are deep characters with complex plots, but much, much funnier. Clover accused me of being one of those people who thinks everything was better before. And that might be true. (In some respects)! But I am sticking by my assessment of this.

That, my friends, is Jughead on top. And a devious looking Betty below. In a feather toppped hat.

They are all in black and white, which doesn't really bother me. This particular page was where Archie took Miss Grundy to the prom and ended up having to wear a kilt. I know, deep.

There is a lot more about the Andrews parents as well. Several strips don't even have Archie at all, just his parents. It is much more about the Andrews family than just Archie 

And of course, there is 1940's slang mixed throughout. How could I not like it?


Virginia said...

I bet you could get someone to paint a new kitchenaid for much less. Like, see if an art student at SLU or something wants to make a little extra cash on the side. I'm sure a starving art student would do it for like $50, which is much more reasonable than $350. Where'd you get the Archie comic book?? I always like the older Archie comics better. I mean, the '40s were the epitome of stylish. And the slang is definitely laughable haha!

Virginia said...


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

So that's why you hogged the Archie comic the whole time you were here and didn't let me read it. I'll steal it from you this weekend.

Olivia Vaughan said...

i'll paint your kitchenaid for you! :) haha if you want an interesting job of it.