June 1, 2011

Memorial Day and happiness

I just had the most delightful lunch. I don't get on my blogger dashboard very often ( I don't know why not) and so had a lot of awesome posts to read through while I ate. Yesterday, we went to Saranac and Lake Placid and had a terribly nice, but long day. When we got home at 5 and 90 degrees, I knew I didn't want to fire up the oven and start some complicated thing. So I stopped by Martins store and got some pre-formed hamburger patties made from local beef. I had rolls ready to bake, bought a fresh tomato, sliced an onion, and YUM!  So I had another one for lunch. It made me very happy.

 I also figured out how to leave comments on blogs--mainly by using chrome instead of explorer. For some reason, explorer doesn't show my ID, so when I try to leave a comment, I have to sign in, then do the letter verification, then do both over. and over. and over. and then leave an anonymous comment. Now I don't have too. Which makes me happy too.

And it is Orianna's birthday today, so we will have chocolate cake and presents!

And there is a good strong wind, so it feels much nicer than 85 normally does.

Life is good.

Here is a photo representation of our Memorial Day parade--it wasn't a big impressive show, but we loved it. Something about small town parades makes me feel proud of America!

Dad talking to Bob C who used to drive the milk truck, which means a lot of yakking over the milk tank while it emptied. I think he is also the one who lived with a woman for 17 years before they got married and then divorced 4 months later. I don't know if they stayed together after the divorce or not. 

A very nice ceremony in the park, where there is a monument to all who have served. It brought tears to my eyes.  
(The white house in the background is where Owen and Ashley live.)

Lily, preparing herself for the 21 gun salute.

It was actually a 21 shot salute with 7 guns. 

Two high school trumpeters stood off to the sides and played taps in harmony. 

Looking for their cartridges.

And then marching

This is our neighbor and his car

The Cub Scout troop with a leader who used to be a bully-ish guy in school, but who hopefully has changed. 

That little girl in the middle had quite the shoes and socks combo and a good healthy dose of attitude. She cracked me up. And she and her sister shared candy with the girls. 

Gilbert checking it out.

The dairy princess float. For some reason, none of them are waving normally--they were all doing that princess wave thing.

This guy was pedaling for all he was worth. 

This is Bernie, who we bought the farm from.

All Gone! 


Cathy said...

I can't tell who the scout leader is....hmmmm? Oh and thanks for posting pics from home. *Sigh* I really should go back and visit someday. Glad you had a good holiday!

Verity Earl said...

Hopefully Owen and Ashley's windows are all still in tact. I believe that 21 shot salute is always with 7 guns, 3 rounds, is it not? Looks like a happening parade!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Yeah, I was going to write that, too, Verity-- 7 guns, 3 rounds. I never knew that about the cohabitation/marriage/divorce scenario. That is hilarious! You've whetted my appetite for the Heritage Day Parade. When is that?

Rebekah said...

I feel bad now that we didn't go to our small town one. We always have so much to do getting ready to head out to a potluck 1 hr away. And then I sleep in so that doesn't ever help matters much!!

Virginia said...

Hahaha thanks for catching me up on the Moira gossip! I wish I had a Martin's around w/ pre-formed local beef! And all around, it looks like a really great last couple of days!

Bethaney said...

Cathy, it is Brandon Snyder. He was always trying to pick fights with Cody and Owen--not their favorite guy. But he was being nice to the little guys, so maybe he is reformed.
I did not know that about a 21 gun salute! Why don't they call it a 21 shot salute then? Thanks for educating me.
The heritage day parade is generally the last saturday in July. Usually it is during Milford weekend. But I don't think it will be this year!