June 11, 2011

Money Matters

Connie Parker unwittingly created a phenomenon by giving Orianna two five dollar bills for her birthday. Orianna is completely in love with money now. She searches out any loose change she can find and adds it to her collection. She takes it all out and rearranges it, strokes it, and generally acts like Scrooge McDuck.

She kept asking if we could go to the store so she could buy something. The first night, she was so eager to buy something she asked if she could buy supper from me. I think I missed an opportunity there.... But it is not all bad, she was contemplating what she could buy for Mommy and Daddy, so although she does tend to flaunt it in front of Lily, she isn't actually being too selfish. We went to the library book sale yesterday, so for her first purchase, she bought a discarded library book. I think it was an auspicious beginning. Buying old library books is always the beginning of wealth--just ask any Vaughan! ;-) 

Yeah, it isn't a dear old classic, but whatever. 

We went to the thrift store today. I don't know if I have mentioned the thrift store on my blog, so I will give you a little background. When we lived in Wilmington, this thrift store was just a mile walk away, so we almost always went once or twice a week. That is a wealthier area, so this thrift store was awesome. Among various purchases (just to brag--have you ever noticed, people who like thrift stores are only too eager to brag about purchases? Well I am too.) I bought an Oleana sweater for $3 and resold it on eBay for $250 (I mean seriously. People are crazy.) and a huge lot of ties for $17, which I sold for $527. One tie alone sold for $75. Anyway, so it is a fab thrift store. But you can't get buys like that every day. So now that I have told you all those marvelous deals, I will now show you all the lame knick-knacks I bought today! 

This is a big platter. I like it.

Because everyone needs more jello salads in their lives (I never understood the salad part--when I was kid, I thought it was salad with jello in it. Repulsive.)

This is big. And pretty useless. But cool.

A froggy jumping rope, which the girls can't use yet. Oops.

This made Gilbert's day. The one that sparked his love of books.

A pull toy. They bob up and down when you pull it like they are talking animatedly 

A sailor dude. Not sure why. But he fits with the big boat from Aunt Emma.

In addition, I got a nice long denim and a nice long khaki skirt for Olivia and Tori. And a purple corduroy skirt for Orianna. And some cool old books. 

Now I am just going to throw a huge amount of pictures at you, just so I can feel like I am keeping up with things. 

These first ones are from yesterday's trip to Saranac Lake.

Who says the east doesn't have wide open spaces? 


I like this

Gilbert with a new haircut

Peonies!!!! I am ridiculously proud of having peonies that actually bloomed.


Silver backed leaves


Verity Earl said...

Love the scrooge. :) He is such a weirdo.

Virginia said...

Uh, I might have to get into reselling things on eBay. Whoa! And that pic of Orianna makes her look so grown up! And I love peonies! And I love that van w/ the canoe, but I hate their parking job!

Virginia said...

Oh, and I think as kids we owned Space Case. So kind of a classic...

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Must comment on many things. I will list them.

1. Orianna's book is illustrated by James Marshall, ERGO, classic. (And you'll like that I worked in ERGO.)

2. Hello, you bought two jello molds on Wednesday, and yet you felt NO GUILT in buying one out from underneath me the next week??

3. We're bringing another jump rope up for the girls to have so we can really reinforce the fact they can't use them yet.

4. You are making me painfully homesick for that Moira-Albany drive. Or the Wide Open Spaces of the West.

5. I am jealous of your peonies. Mine got lost in the siding shuffle. Let's just say that tenderly transplanting flowers is not Evan's strong suit as a re-modeler.

Lisa said...

Love those bargains, and I remember that was a neat little thrift-store. We have a lot of peonies too, but they are a darker/reddish color. Not knowing much about flowers, I had no clue what to expect when the bloomed- but I like the result. =)