June 22, 2011

Picture Post

These first 5 or so pictures are ones Olivia took. 


Aren't these cool? These are all copyright Olivia.

Lily has this thing with tucking her shirt in and pulling her skirt up too high. When Clover was here, she told Lily she was cute like this. Now whenever I tell her her shirt doesn't need to be tucked in or her skirt should be a little lower, she tells me that Aunt Clover likes it like that. Thanks, Clover.

Justin showing where she gets it.

Typical after haying. I remember doing this with Nina after haying all day.

Our garden. That is our spinach row that you need a microscope to see. There are at least 3 spinach plants. We blame it on the chickens. We used seed tape, which seemed easier, but I think the chickens pulled the tape up.

Carefully sprinkling the lettuce, since we like gritty salad.

Another wagon

Gilbert was so excited to see us coming in. His excitement evaporated when he realized I was not coming to take him outside.


Verity Earl said...

Oh man, that last picture of Gilbert is hilarious. :) And I think you've lived too close to the Québécois for too long, Justin appears to be picking up their strange dressing habits.

Aren't dragonflies nutty? My parents have some with really brilliant blue bodies and black black wings. It's astonishing to me when I see colors like that in nature.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I told her she was cute, as in "you are such a little nutter with your funny skirt" not "Aunt Clover thinks you should look like a flood victim for the next 15 years." But, hey, if anyone can pull the look off, it's her.

Virginia said...

Haha, good comment about the pants, Ver! Bet, I'm loving the print on Lily's cute skirt! Did you make that?? And as soon as I saw the pic of Josh laying in the grass after haying, I thought of us. We probably did it in that same exact spot. Nice garden, btw! Looks great!

Virginia said...

Oops, Justin, not Josh! HAHAHA!