June 1, 2017

Leek Picking

This was all over a month ago, when green was still magical and enchanting! 

What our suburban did to the poor pasture.

 It is a mite damp in spots. 

The cute Vaughans

New leaves!!

Orianna and her Abilene girl

Blue cohosh flower

Introducing Teresa to the art of leek digging. 

Climbing the trunk

Suhit going at it

Sunlight on leeks

Sunlight on kids what I love

Orianna and Lily did a lot more leek picking than I did. Clearly. 

I mean, these pictures aren't going to take themselves! 

Spring beauty

White hepatica or liverwort. Hepatica is prettier. 

I embarrassed Owen by practically laying on the ground to get a good picture of the hepatica. Owen does not approve of excessiveness in these things. 

From my vantage point on the ground. 

Plus it was a little fun to embarrass Owen all these years after my excessive teenage years. 

Dutchmen's britches

Leek basket

The observers

Owen and Hoyt

My Lily girl who had to be told to come back and walk with us in case any of the new mamma cows got a little antsy. 

The red crew

Springtime in the spring is so awesome!!

Owen and Dad had a healthy "discussion" over whether the four wheeler could actually pull out the Suburban. Owen was enormously gratified that he was right. The four wheeler could pull out the Suburban. 

Babies of spring

Owen with a full fourwheeler

I love this farm. 

Joyriding amongst the bovines. See how calm the cows are? Owen drives through them on the fourwheeler about forty-three times a day to check on them and generally making sure everything is hunky dory.

That guy likes his cows.  

Another calf! The cow was very still so Owen gave a quick tug. 

And all was well. 

These boys and their grandfather are all part of my heart. 

Sorry, cow/barn picture overload. But so lovely!!

Grandpa and some of his boys.

Teresa and Suhit walking Abilene home. 


Cecil and Amy said...

I love the pictures! Y'know, we never ever leek gathered. I wonder if we even had any around our place? What do you do with them all? Eat them fresh or cook with them- or are there really that many to do anything with?

Bethaney said...

You can use them in salads, in stir-frys or saute, or just sprinkle them on dishes as a garnish. I do all of the above. Stick them in quesidillas. They have a mild onion flavor that becomes more pungent the older they are.

We never went leek picking when we were younger, just something we started doing in the past... 10 years maybe. Not sure why!