June 9, 2017

Things to make me happy

Last month, my plans for getting certified in one year were derailed by one minor piece of paper. I was incredibly upset and frustrated at the annoyance of State Ed. So I took a walk and found things to be happy about. 

We finally figured out a way to satisfy State Ed and my plans are on track again. 

A month later, I am sitting here feeling frustrated at how the district is hiring me which makes it possible for them to give me a substantial pay cut. Pretty sure that isn't going to sort itself out nicely in my favor. 

Discussing monetary things is always slightly uncomfortable for me. It seems greedy. I have a job, I shouldn't whine about not getting paid what I am getting paid this year. But... it just seems underhanded to be paying me less next year when I will actually be certified. However, due to the intricacies of education laws, it is totally legal and aboveboard. 

This is becoming a slightly depressing post. That wasn't my intention. When I was feeling bad last month, I walked around our little kingdom and made myself happy again with all the good things we have. And now I am looking through them to post and they make me feel better about things all over again. 

We have a little creek! That was one of my life long dreams--owning a small creek. This is a very small creek. Last year when it was drought-ish, the creek was completely empty. But it still burbles and has space for marsh marigolds in the spring. What more do we need?

It is a rather wild, messy little creek. 

Little ferny things unfurling. I love unfurling things! 


I seriously love this little creek. 

Is there any green as green as new grass? 

The three billy goats Gruff that have since moved on to terrorize a new troll in other pastures. 

The horses in their overgrazed pasture. We need to fence off a different space for them. 

More unfurling ferns

When I was taking my walk, I was so delighted with everything that I thought I was going to sound braggy about owning all of this, so I decided to take an ugly picture. Because there are a lot of wet patches like this around as well. 

So if you have been envious of unfurling things and green grass, don't be. We have ugly wet patches too. 

Aren't they pretty? 

Apple buds about to bloom. 

A lawn full of dandelions makes for good picking.

This boy!

This girl!

Gilbert examining worms from his swing. 

Heading down to check out the creek.

I love her delight in mud

This picture really makes me happy. 

I love this happy boyo!

More mud

We have trillium!! 

I can't even tell you how excited I was by this news. Trillium! In our front yard!

They haven't been carefully landscaped around, but they are amazingly white and clean looking aren't they?  I bet they are related in spirit to edelweiss. 

And right near the trillium are yellow violets. 

Happiness knows no bounds!

Muddy handprints

The cute and messy little culprit

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Cecil and Amy said...

Yellow violets? I have only seen the lavender colors. It's a beauty! And so are so many of your pictures.

So, when will this magic paper appear that will enable you to get paid what you're worth? The following school year? I'm still seething on your behalf, by the way.