June 30, 2017

Morning in the Grand Tetons

In leaving for Yellowstone Sunday night, I didn't really think ahead very well. Round about 9, I started thinking about where we were going to sleep that night. Unfortunately all the Yellowstone hotels shut off their reservation services at that time. So.... there were no good options. We thought about driving into Jackson, but we were tired. So we just stopped in a pullout and settled in for the night. 

We woke up to this. 

So incredibly beautiful!!

And now you have to endure more sunrise-on-the-mountain pictures. 


This was the turnout in case you ever want to sleep somewhere between Yellowstone and Jackson.

Some biffalo-buffalo-bison. 

It jumped over the fence. Which seems very athletic and nimble for buffalo. 

We headed in to Jackson, hitting the McDonalds for food and bathrooms. Behind the McDonalds, we found a little park for running around in. 

After running around, we went to the laundromat to do all the convention wash and repack everything. 

Some cute laundry

The Livie, Tori, and Fiona were nice and came to meet us for a McDonald's picnic. McDonald's should probably sponsor us on this trip. 

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