May 22, 2017


If Easter pictures were awhile ago, these are practically vintage. I really didn't do much blogging this spring. As in, no blogging. 

Livie came home for February break! It was lovely. Even though we were all taking turns being sick.

Livie and Ant cooked us dinner one night. It was scrumptious!

Sugaring helper!


Note the short sleeves. It was so warm for February!

Riding with Uncle Owen

A show

Aunt Ashley's pinata

Pinata whacker

It was a pretty tough pinata

Finally it was opened!

So many fun things!!

Abilene and her Mommy

Isn't she marvelous!

Abilene and Cheyenne

A miserably rainy day

Another show


I love these kids!

Five crowns was a big hit with the kids that week!


Rummikub was a big hit with the adults that week


Like Mother, like daughter.

I love this picture. And these people.

Aunt Livie and some of her fan club

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