November 21, 2016

Snowy World

We got our first storm of the season this weekend. Forecasters quite often over exaggerate, especially for early season storms. When I saw there was a severe winter storm warning, I downgraded it to a mild snow shower. But it was totally legit. 36 hours later it is still snowing merrily.  

We had planned to go to Ottawa on Sunday, but woke up to rain dripping off the eaves, huge snowflakes falling furiously and 32 degrees. Slush everywhere. Not the most promising weather for travel. So we stayed home.

The map Gilbert drew for us to get where we needed to go in Ottawa. This is actually quite close to how I drive in Ottawa--there are so many one way streets. I work on the assumption that Canadians just roll their eyes at me and say disparaging things about American drivers. Canadians are so polite. They would probably apologize for driving the correct way when I wanted to drive the wrong way on the one way street. 

 After overcoming massive disappointment in not being able to to go Ottawa, we settled in for a cozy, snowy Sunday at home. 

The kids had to go out in the first snow. Yes, Elsie has bare legs. They were supposed to be outside for only a few minutes until it was time to dress for meeting, but they ended up staying out there for about 20 minutes. I am a bad mother.

Building a snowman

 My snowy Orianna girl

Their muddy snowman

On the way to meeting

My windowsill. 

My paperwhites and amaryllis are not behaving properly. Hopefully they will pop up soon. 

Winterberries my darling brought home from the swamp while he was hunting. He says that is true love. 

Snowy, cozy Sunday afternoons are lovely. 

Everyone called a snowday for today. But like political pollsters, they were off by a mile. Not even a delay! I had banked rather heavily on at least a delay, since it was still snowing like crazy, so I let the kids sleep in. Oopsie! Finally, I had to acknowledge the fact that our two school districts didn't know a snowday from a summer afternoon and wake them up and hustle them onto the bus. 

There are more maintained roads I could take to work, but this one makes my heart sing every morning. Isn't it lovely? 

And what is the point of a four wheel drive vehicle if you don't flex it's muscles once in awhile for the sake of a singing heart? No point, that's what. 

Elsie was slightly tardy to school, since I had to stop to take pictures frequently. Thankfully I am not technically working until 9:23, so I moseyed to my hearts content. And for the sake of arriving safely. The roads were rather terrible. Even the maintained roads. 

Over half of Elsie's class didn't come in, so I didn't feel too bad about getting her there 7 minutes late. 

After dragging us all out of our jammies and cozy houses, the powers that be decided to close the school at noon. So Elsie and I headed home for a cozy afternoon. 

Snowy fields

Snowy tunneled roads are the best, aren't they? 

This is so north country. 

The Amish school hadn't called a snowday, either. 

Amish corn bundles

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