November 8, 2016

Halloween. And some other things.

I like posting things in the proper order. However, when I didn't have a computer, my pictures were downloaded to several different computers. And some insistant people want pictures of the kids on Halloween. So I am just going to put up a few pictures and ta-da! They will be recent. 

Abilene was a charming old lady. She was so adorable. 

All the kids! 

Being fabulous

Isn't Abilene the cutest little old lady ever? She really got into the part by being slightly grumpy from not napping and then promptly falling asleep. 

Tori and Ashley came trick or treating with us! 

Trick or treating at the funeral home. I was a little leary about the candy--I mean if those people want job security....

At this point, Abilene was very concerned about the lack of napping in her life. 

Halfway through trick or treating. We went a little early this year and actually got home before it was full dark. I was apologizing at the first few houses, but I was quite pleased to be done before dark. 

I love these boys! 

These three pictures are all the pictures I have of this entire past weekend. Lindsey is home, Clover and Evan were up, it was union meeting, and I sprained my ankle. Somehow it all conspired to make me not picture-takey. 

Saturday morning, we went on a quick trip to Martin's Store for various things. (I bought a little gold bell in the shape of a lady.) On the way home, we realized it was the local craft fair. I was just going to run in, and the next thing we knew, we had spent a full hour and a half there. It was a lovely girls shopping trip. And we got all kinds of fun things that I didn't take pictures of. 

Just believe me--it was great. 

Being a kid in November--pushing strollers with rock babies into mud puddles and trying to jump over little muddy spots. 

Abilene all suited up for a walk! 

Turkey's and frosty fields. 

This flock has about 30 birds and hangs out on one particular stretch of road on the way to work. I almost always see them coming or going. 

This morning I had to stop by Mom and Dad's to pick up my laptop computer cord and while I was there, the cows came rampaging onto the lawn. So I got in on some cow catching. 

As in, I drove the suburban over there and prevented the cows from running back onto the lawn. Vital, I am sure. Still, there were a lot of beautiful early morning sun on the cows pictures to take. So I focused on that. 

The sun was just right for making everything slightly dramatic looking. 

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Cecil and Amy said...

Gracious- that was a fun looking Halloween bunch!!!!

And why aren't you doing your homework young lady? Maybe the same reason I'm not doing mine?!? :)