November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Somehow, I never actually got pictures of the actual Thanksgiving meal. But here are some pictures surrounding the meal. 

Tori got the kids working in the kitchen. They were pleased as punch. 

Elsie chopped butter

Lily tearily cut onions.

Gilbert grated cheese

Elsie helped Grandma make the stuffing

Tori made some chicken pot pie for Thursday lunch. Oh, we had our Thanksgiving on Friday. And Tori's yummy pie for lunch on Thursday. 

Tim-timmany balancing a pie bowl

The guys did potatoes

The kitchen was a busy place!

These next few pictures are by Lily

The kids worked on placecards.

Kids get more interesting and happier responses from people than I do. 

This would fall under the "interesting" part of this statement. 

Lily and Orianna love Tim. He teases them and bugs them, much to their delight. And apparently brandishes knives at them. Life is dangerous at the Vaughans.

The outside. 

Fat little Elsie hands

Talking on the phone

Upside down, Lily self-portrait

Tori had left over pie dough from all the fruit pies, so Elsie got to make her own little wee pie. 

Apple pie maker

Raspberry pie makers

Pumpkin pie maker

Elsie was enourmously pleased with her little pie. And yes, I do do my daughters hair sometimes. But not on this day.

Some more Lily photography

If this was me taking the picture, Dad would block the picture with his hand. Lily gets a smile.

Tori, the professional baker who is now in Wyoming, with flour on her nose. 

Tori's Apple Rosette pie. Isn't it lovely? 


And more pie!

Justin made two snow forts by scooping snow into two big piles. So there was a snow ball fight. 

Daisy was wild with delight about all the movement

Lily and Tim

Lily with a big chunk of snow for.... 


Puzzles! These people dived into the 1000 piece end...

While these two waded into the 300 piece end. 

Gilbert sat among the pies and played a random hand held game from the 90's. 

The next morning, the cousins were here! 

Do you see all that fogginess? Mom said it was snow sublimation, but whatever it was, it hung around for two days. 

And Dynna! Dynna was driving back to Wyoming with Tori. Here they are, staring at the car they were taking. It wasn't an auspicious start. But they (and the car) are safely in Wyoming, so alls well. 

Tori didn't want to be in the picture with her misbehaving car. Dynna tried to make her be, until Dynna couldn't back up anymore. 

The daddies built a giant snowman

And a snow shark that is hard to see.

Lincoln, with a shark biting at his heals

The girls made a saddle

Finishing touches

These two! We had a lot of fun with Dynna. 

Bucket rides!

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Cecil and Amy said...

These are great pictures. Nice to see that even though she is 8/8, Tori didn't miss the Vaughan-broken-down-car pleasures! And speaking of pleasures, the pie scenes show that Vaughans do that well! :)