May 16, 2016

Sunday Afternoon at Connie's

Sharon came home for a week and a bit! Sharon lived with her parents while I was in my teens. She was pretty integral to all our game nights and silliness. Not sure what we would have done without her around! 

It was awesome to see her again! 

It also was Connie's 80th (!!) birthday. So a party was required.

(Some of these pictures are from Sharon, so I can't take all the photo credit here)

The birthday girl. We actually didn't get the hats out until the end, but since it is a party for Connie, it seems to make sense to put her first. She is spry and sprightly for 80!

Grandpa and Abilene-a girl!

The appetizer table. Owen and Scott were strategically close to it.

Sharon does things up right! We had a lovely punch & ice cream concoction in plastic martini glasses. It was blue, since Connie likes blue.

My girls, putting napkins around

Dad and Abilene again

We did some family pictures

Ashley and her girl

Aren't they sweet?

These are sweet too.

I love all the cuteness!!

Andrea and Alex

The Craft Trio

Mum and Dad

Tori, Mom and Dad, and Scott

Dad and his girls

Connie and her girl

The pals

Alice. I wasn't sure if I should put her serious picture...

...Or her laughing "You are going to break your camera" picture. Alice always tells me not to take pictures of her because it will break my camera. Hasn't happened yet!

Owen and Abilene

This girl was running a low grade fever and was still this happy! Isn't she marvelous?

While I was taking pictures of Abilene, Scott was saying "But I am over here. Why are you taking pictures over there?" Still the same ole Scott. 

Dad drinking milk out of his martini cup.

Abilene and Mommy

The whole meeting. We haven't had a meeting picture in a few years, so this was really nice!

I love all these people!

Reading over Connie's birthday cards. She got a LOT!

The guys.

Party hats!!

That's ma man!

I like this picture!

This is where Connie was actually wearing the hat, time wise. We will put it in here again because she is the birthday girl.

Justin and I 

Alice with her party hat

Sharon and I! This here girl helped me through all my teenage drama and silliness and still likes me! She is pretty special!


Cecil and Amy said...

I love the pictures! I've seen some already, but this is great! I'll have to pass it on to my siblings!!!

The McCoys said...

Fantastic pics!! Thanks for much love in those photos :)

Geri Douglas said...

Happy 80th to Dear Connie!! I loved all these pictures. Connie does not look 80! Everyone looks young there, must be the good cold winters in NY. Thanks for posting Bet.

Laura said...

Where is the seamstress??

Laura said...


Bethaney said...

Lucy is in a nursing home. She fell badly this winter, breaking her pelvis. She is starting to be more mobile, but she has dementia to a pretty bad degree, so she can't remember to be careful. She fell just this past week in the nursing home, breaking her arm. Poor thing is very frail.

Virginia said...

Well, I love all of these people. Happy birthday to Connie, too! Great post!