May 8, 2016

Abilene's First Birthday (and our weekend)

This marvelous girl turned one on Thursday! We had cupcakes to celebrate!

The proud parents. Owen was thoroughly enjoying being the doting dad excited for his daughter's first birthday in a loud voice.

Isn't she precious?

Abilene's cupcake

Oooh! What is this?

Delight! I didn't have my flash on, so these pictures didn't turn out well. So annoying!

Fat cheeks!

Little tongue girl

Happy one tooth baby!

Getting messy!

On Saturday we had a heavy dew. I love dew drops on grass blades. Someday I am going to get a really super awesome picture of it. Until then, I will take semi blurry, messed up pictures.

We spent a lot of the day cleaning and clearing out the basement and garage. Somehow Lily got my camera, so these next few pictures are Lily's.


Elsie, striding along.

Saturday night, we saw the first rainbow of the year!

You can't really tell, but the violet was really bright. 

Watching Daddy try to lasso Gilbert's frisbee off the roof.

Frisbees don't lasso well.

I was excited about the rainbow, okay?

Lily's picture of her Mother's Day present for me. A painted teapot with a morning glory and two zinnia plants.

Gilbert's petunia. He left it scrinched up in his book bag overnight, so it wasn't as spry as it could have been. But it is now doing well.

Lily's mother day card and her pipe cleaner wreath she made me.

Lily's card

Lily was into taking these pictures.

Sunday afternoon reading.

Still in the throes of Harry Potter.

Gilbert spent some time this afternoon constructing this box for me. I can't quite grasp the significance yet, but I do love him.

Orianna made me candle at school with some of her writing and drawings on it. They did the writing on tissue paper and then covered it in wax or something terribly clever. Orianna also helped Daddy pick out a hanging basket of begonia's for me. She heard me say I liked Oriental Poppies, so she had Daddy buy one of them as well. 

While we were at the greenhouse, Lily kept her eyes peeled for any flower laying on the ground. When she found the dahlia, she could hardly believe her luck! 

We now have a floating bouquet of slightly crushed or otherwise mistreated flowers. 

It was a lovely Mother's Day weekend! 


Laura said...

I just told Austin and Dale, and whomever else crosses my path today, that if you want all to be well w/ your world, just take a gander at Bethaney's blog.

Geri Douglas said...

Happy Birthday to Abilene and loved your pictures, Happy Mothers Day to an awesome lady.

Sheena said...

Great pics of Abilene!

Cecil and Amy said...

Gilbert's box is great!

Virginia said...

What a cute baby that Abilene is! And happy belated Mother's Day! It looks like a sweet serene one.