May 21, 2016

Springtime and Tori and Sharon come home

Springtime on the farm--calves, seeding drills, tractors, and bursts of green in the woods.


Intently watching Owen who just might do something interesting like feed them.

There are going to be a lot of pictures of calves. Just accept it. 

I love this one and his black nose and ears.

A white one 

Sunlit cows

That windblown look

Same black nosed calf.

Bawling her head off. Because she can.

This poor pup is missing her pal. George/Coyote, our faithful friend of 11 years has gone missing. Not sure why, but our dogs always go missing when they are ready to die.  Two months ago, Penny was caught in a trap someone had set in the swamp, so Owen and Ashley checked all the swamps and woods, calling as they went. But no Coyote.

Poor lonely Penny.

New leaves in the evening light.

I heart this place

New Maple leaves

Bleeding heart

Sharon, who is so terribly nice, brought a box of fun goodies for the kids. They were over-the-moon excited!

Greedy, excited children and patient Sharon. 

Abilene was oblivious to the toys, but excited by life in general.

The mamas, doing dishes

The Friday night moon.

Lily was excited there was a rainbow on Orianna's forehead from the beveled edge mirror.

Gilbert was exhausted Saturday afternoon and conked out while reading a book. Poor thing!

Aunt Tori came home! We were all so excited!!

Oh the joy and delight!

Gilbert and his cape.

Daddy and his Tor-tor.

I said it was too bad I hadn't thought to pick marsh marigolds for Tori, and Justin hopped on the fourwheeler and brought back a lovely bunch! He is marvelous.

Baseball in a drizzle.

It was drizzling, but no one seemed to mind.

Searching the ditch for the ball is one of the major activities in any baseball game of my childhood.

Mom and Dad making a supper for Tori.

Beauty and Tommy.

These guys!

The kids love having their Aunt Tori around again!

Tori pile!

Orianna has a hard time going anywhere without a lot of....accessories. She makes a little nest where ever she is of her things. 

On the way home from Connie's, we stopped to wait for a train. A very slooooooow train.

But it was fun watching it go by.

Fields under stormy skies.

To Mom and Dad's for a rook game. It was a chilly Sunday and the two Mrs. Gruxley's were bundled up in blankets. 

Sunday afternoon I went out to pick wildflowers/blossoms for my book blog pictures. It was cold enough I had to bring in my baskets of flowers, so the kitchen counter was a bower of floral-ness. This is a terrible picture of it all, but it made me extremely happy. 


Geri Douglas said...

I looking at all these pictures Bet. They are so Beautiful. loved the sink full of Wild Flowers and the window ledge. If I was an Artist I would try painting it. I loved the Cow bellering and all the kids etc. ect. You do have a fine man, to go get those flowers to welcome Tori too.

Geri Douglas said...

I LOVED looking...

Virginia said...

You're pulling a Jill w/ that last photo comment. ;-) It's a great pic! And that small maple in the front by the pasture is getting so big! Like a legit tree and not just a sapling!