May 2, 2016

Cody comes home

Cody finished up calving in Wyoming and headed home for a week before setting off to Hawaii. Hawaii is the only US state he hasn't visited, so he wants to check it off the list. And lay around on beaches. 

These first few pictures are from Clover. Because I stole her camera.

Surprisingly, Clover knew this was Cody coming down the road. Who else would have a truck bed on top of their cab?

Excitement in the waiting-for-Cody ranks.

He is pretty popular with nieces and nephews.

Being mobbed

Love-y bunch of kids!

Yes. Tires to protect the cab and roses on his motorcycle. I don't know this guy. 

Everyone trying to determine the why's and wherefores of this load. 

I like Elsie peering around Cody to try to determine what exactly is happening in that truck.

This guy.

Clover and Cheyenne. (Who is taller than her mother....)

Happy swinging 

Owen, probably thinking of five different ways in which Cody could have improved upon or eliminated this load. Cody and Owen really enjoy standing firm about their different world views. They also love discussing their differing opinions, much to Mom's distress.

Owen and Dad showing Cody their new tractor. Owen had parked it square in front of the house for Cody's viewing pleasure. 

Kids helping to get a cow back in the pasture.

Cow blocking kids

Going up to see the calves with Owen. Owen is carrying a gun because he loaned it to Cody and he really missed it while it was hanging out in Wyoming. So he needed to carry it around for a while. <insert eye roll>

Then we took a ride in Owen's truck.

Running calf

I love this picture.

And this one.

It was hard to get focused pictures jouncing around in the back of a pickup. 

Cody getting even more hugs.


I love these boys!

Cody, guiding Dad

Exuberant gymnastics.


Geri Douglas said...

this cracked me up. I am glad his load stayed on his truck bed, I am sure it turned a lot of heads on the highways. Hope you all have a great time together. Have fun in Hawaii Cody.

Cecil and Amy said...

Oh the excitement is palpable! These are great pics and the verbiage is as fun as expected!

Sheena said...

He still has the flowers on his motorcyle!! Haha!