May 22, 2016

Spring Evening in the woods

These pictures are from a few weeks ago. I am a little behind schedule. 

The evening Cody came home, the cousins and I went for a walk in the woods. Or rather, they went for a run, and I meandered along behind taking pictures. 

The boys had to be forcibly pried away from the creek and rocks.

Orianna dancing up to the woods.

Checking out the new calves.


Momma and baby

Holding hands cousins

For some reason, two calves were nursing off this cow. They aren't twins.

Geese heading north. Or south. Just taking in the sights.

I love all this cousin friendliness.

Out of the pasture and into the woods.

Blue cohosh

Spring beauties

Dutchmen's breeches

It feels a little silly to be putting up pictures of these when they have all stopped blossoming, but... I still like them.

Forest floor


Picking leeks. We normally dig up the roots, but that is always such a lot of work. This year, I just picked the tops, and they were much easier to deal with. I use them with salad greens in taco salad, throw them into soups in the last few minutes of cooking... They are scrumptious!

The kids all decided to do a little yelling, since they were in the woods. And it was springtime.

It was loud.

I love these kids!

Sweetness squared!

My little leek picker

Hepatica again.


Sunshiney Dutchmen breeches

This tree had barbwire staple to it year ago and has grown around it. 

Elliott had to get a stick and stick it through the holes in the barrels just to see what he could feel. It wasn't much. But it was good to check! 

It is funny how much of a difference two (or is it three!?!) weeks make in the spring. Everything is bursting with green now.

Love this picture. And Elliott who is running in the other direction.

Big cousins are the best!

Crazy kids!

I love them all squiggle and squiggles!

Evening light cows

There is so much to love in this picture!

And this one!!!

But this one might be my favorite. I love the lighting.

Sticking out its tongue.

Contemplative Lincoln. 

I know, I know. It is pretty much the same picture. But I couldn't decide between the two. 

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Virginia said...

What a great bunch of cute weirdos! And I miss the north country something dear.