January 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to the van

Unlike my sheets, this goodbye was very happy.We got our Suburban in November and have had it up for sale off and on since. Around the holidays though, people only buy vehicles if theirs actually stops dead and combusts. So finally getting it sold is a happy thing. 

But it was a good little van. Driving us 80,000 miles and across the country three times. 

So in honor of the van, here are some roads it has driven us safely and comfortably over.

Western New York

Chicago in the evening

I believe this is Utah.

A potty break in Utah

Singing Happy Birthday to... Lincoln? at a pull out in Nevada.


Green Wyoming

Hamilton, Colorado




The Belagio water show, Las Vegas strip

Crawford, Colorado

Western Montana

Palouse of Washington

Eastern Oregon sagebrush

Coming down the mountains into Madras, Oregon

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Cecil and Amy said...

Gracious! What pretty pictures!!!!