January 6, 2016

A new addition

I have decided to do a kids book blog. You know how they say you should follow your passions? Go with your strengths? Well kids books are my passion and what I know best. I kind of regret that fate didn't hand me a more monetarily useful passion. Why couldn't I have been fascinated by day trading and making a few million dollars? But no, I get excited about stories of little pink piggies who love books. So we will go with that.

All that will change on this blog is I might not do book posts anymore. I felt like I was probably boring people with that. So I decided to do it every day on a different blog. Then, people who don't care deeply about books will not be bothered by books, and if you adored my book posts (they were pretty fabulous weren't they? ha!) you can trot over to this new blog and see book posts by the dozen. (Okay, by the threes, since that is all there is on there at the moment.)

This is how it looks. (Don't laugh.)

 Now about the name--I tried about 50 names that were all taken by little blogs that have long since shuttered their doors. Most have only one or two posts and some refer to themselves as a web log, which is so quaint and 2002. (Every time I tried a name that was taken, I had to go see the blog.) 

To bolster my self esteem and tell myself that my blog won't die an ignoble death with only one or two posts, I decided that most of the dead and buried book blogs took themselves much too seriously. They were intent on the best books. And discussing whether they would accept author submissions or books to review from publishers in the first post. I have no such presumptions or illusions about publishing houses or authors noticing my blog. Which is all very freeing. I can write what I want about any silly old book. 

But if Puffin wants to send along their Puffin in Bloom books for me to review, I wouldn't turn them down.

They are a little swoony aren't they? 

Or even this set...

I do love beautiful books. 

But back to the name. Cody and Lindsey tease me rather heavily about the fact that I used to wander around the farm being "someone" (I don't remember who) with my parasol (my grandmother's old navy umbrella) and a book. Somehow, reading under the elm tree with an umbrella seemed the thing to do when I was 10 or so. And umbrellas seem sort of... well magical or something. I mean--Mary Poppins. So I settled on books and umbrellas. It was between that and "reading under the elm tree." 

And that my friends, is how this particular blog was born. 

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Cecil and Amy said...

Terrific! So when I write my first best seller, you will be the only blog that will have my full attention! hahahahaha I'm headed over there now to check 'er out!