January 22, 2016

A week and then some

It is another cold morning with brilliant sunshine, sparkling icicles, and blue skies. The first two days of the week were horribly cold, windy, and snowy, but the last three have made up for it. These are winter days as they should be.

We have been mildly busy, with Justin in Syracuse, several dental appointments, and then watching a friends kids for a few days because their normal sitter has the flu or something.

These are the pictures of our week. Such as they are.

These primroses were 2/$4 at the grocery store and I couldn't resist them. They have an inordinate amount of cheerfulness for just $4. 


And crocuses popping up on the windowsill.

We had quite a bit of snow on Monday, but since the temperature was around five degrees during the day, the snow never really settled, as it does when it is wetter. On Tuesday, I followed this milk truck into town. The snow was all over the place, blowing in the wind and getting kicked up by the truck. 

The kids love our hygienist, Lauren. Lauren is pretty great.

Elsie had her own appointment on Wednesday, which was her first ever time in the dentist chair. She was enormously pleased with herself. 

Mom took us out to eat at a restaurant in Massena. They give the kids dough to play with while they wait, which the kids were delighted with. 

Elsie of a morning. Snuggled up playing animals. 

Sunshine makes everything better. Even messes. 

And now, I will put up a lot of pictures from my phone. This was mid December, planting bulbs with Hoyt and Elsie. It was a balmy 60. 

Tutu, cowgirl bookts, and dirt

Elsie having a Marilyn Monroe moment

Hoyt as a cool dude. 

Ashley painting Elsie into a witch.

Gilbert was a vampire

The witch

Orianna was a snow princess or something

I took a walk one morning when it was snowing. Perfectly lovely. But sticky. 

Organizing books for my new blog. I adore organizing and planning, so I may have gone a tiny bit overboard. 

Lily with the new magnetic blocks Gilbert got for Christmas

When Lily and I went to Burlington Goodwill, we got a large bag of playmobil for $8. There are a lot of fun things, but I particularly love this medieval table.

Tori and Abilene walking at the school one night. 

This girl is such a happy camper!

She loves sticking her tongue out.

One morning, snuggled up in bed after we got the kids on the bus. Elsie had to read her little bible after I was done with the light. 

These are the moments that make motherhood all worthwhile. 

Hoyt playing piano. 

Gilbert took my phone one evening. I should really have the flash on. 


Abilene and me

And the kidlets. 


Cecil and Amy said...

Cute cute pictures! I particularly love the one of Tori looking like Jill walking with Abilene!

What restaurant lets kids play with dough? How cool is that?!

Geri Douglas said...

your home is beautiful and so are all the cute kiddies, and flowers and well, just everything, can't wait for the book review blog..hurry.

Jeannie said...

Love the primroses. We were just given a bunch of daffodils that make me smile. I love the cheerful colors when outside is still looking a tad monotonous...

Bethaney said...

Amy, it is Italian Affair in Massena! Isn't that neat?

And Jeannie, I think that might be why I love daffodils so much! They are the first things to brighten things up after a dreary few weeks of brown grass. And daffodils inside in January? Even better! :-)

And Geri, I have been doing a book a day on the other blog.