August 3, 2015

A trip to the Adirondacks

This past week was a bit of a washout picture wise. It was hot. Like mid-90's hot. At that temperature, my idea of Proper Behavior is to congregate in front of the fan with a good book and reduce our activity to near hibernation levels; you might mistake us for escapees from Madame Tussards if you stumbled upon us in our natural habitat. 

Unfortunately, none of the kids subscribe to this theory of proper behavior in a heat wave. So I have two minutes in front of the fan, until I can no longer ignore a howl of "MOM!" I keep trying to fan theory for about half an hour, with bi-minute interruptions, until I give up and putter around thinking longingly of the fan. 

None of this is conducive to picture worthy moments. So I am going to fall back on a trip to the Adirondacks a few weeks ago. 

Whiteface from Wilmington
(Wilmington, where we lived for two years, has a great thrift store. I have never gotten over my love affair with it, so I go back every few months.)

Then a picnic on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid Library's back  yard.


Surprisingly, the kids got in the water. 

They had to collect a few clam shells

Lake Placid Library is a big favorite of ours. This chair is a new-ish addition.

Elsie and a Giant Bear

Gilbert wanted to take a picture of Elsie and I 

Gilbert made a fireman hat

While Lily played with the dollhouse

Blue Mountain Road

Ferns in sunlight


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

So next time we come up, we need to go to the thrift store. And the Lake Placid Library, and Shelly's farm, and Bokey's, and...

Bethaney said...

It's a plan, Stan!

Olivia Vaughan said...

I'll join in too. I REALLY miss your kids.

Virginia said...

I'm so jelly of your ability to just pop over to Lake Placid and the Adirondacks in general. #blessed