August 4, 2015

Water and cousins

Some pictures of our week down at Clover and Evan's in July.

Running through the sprinkler

Then Clover went to run errands with Cheyenne and Orianna.

Someone found a garter snake, so Lily was brave. These pictures show her being excessively brave, but she jumped and dropped it a lot. Still, if it scares you and you pick it up anyway, that is pretty brave.

The snake parade, to throw him in the woods

Gorgeous ferns!

Oh the delight of cold water. And the power of holding the hose.

Lincoln, trying to get into the pool while holding a large bucket of water. 

Rilla, surfing

A break, to get warm

It was the bluest of skies and the greenest of maples

And back in the pool

Throwing water. How elegant!

A cold kid, who apparently decided only his legs were worthy of a towel.

He looks like some 1950's cool guy, arranging his hair in the mirror

Seriously. This is how green and blue things were.

And back in the pool

Gilbert gave Lincoln bunny ears....

Which Lincoln didn't like, so Gilbert gave himself bunny ears.

Love Marilla in this one!

Cuddle bug warm up




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Laura said...

I can just FEEL the day through your pictures - the hot/cold extremes, the reflected waterblue on the boys' faces in the pool, the carefree simplicity and adventures of summer kid-fun.