August 11, 2015

Franklin County Fair

We went to the fair on Monday. Which is the kids idea of a good time, but it was way too hot to be my idea of a good time. Still, it was fun to see the kid's delight. And it is a cultural event in the North Country, so you can't miss it.  

Merry go round top

Game display

My people 

The Ferris wheel

The kids and Justin were in one of those boats. 

The sky was getting stormy

The swing ride was a big hit!

Elsie was too small to go on most of these rides. So we hung out. She also had her hair in french braids, so I made her wear a hat, since I didn't want her getting a sunburn on her hair part.

Three kids o mine. (And some one else's kid too.)  

A nice Daddy

I love little moments of unprompted niceness.

I don't know this kid, but he was making the most of his little roller coaster ride. 

Gilbert's enthusiasm, while Lily is blase

Giant stuffed animals are a fair staple

Balloons and face paint

Delighted Elsie on her first ride

My idea of misery 

I used to love rides like this, but now, I cannot stand getting dizzy. It is a good thing the girls have their Daddy to take them on dizzy rides. 

Storm rolling in and flags 

The motorcycle ride Gilbert insisted on riding. 

The poor kid in the backseat thought Gilbert should be steering a little more on the corners. 

And then, it started pouring rain. Pouring rain. 
(And that is Lily with the large inflatable princess she won at the ring the bell game.)

So we took refuge in the animal barns. The Dairy barn is one of the biggest parts of the fair.  

It is quite a social occasion for farm kids. Most farms with show animals sleep in the barn by the animals, so there are cots, sleeping bags, snacks, well groomed cows, and lounging people everywhere you go.

Cloudburst rain

The horse barn. Decorating is a big part of the fair.

Getting a new shoe

Petting the nice horses. 
Elsie had to get a new farm girl t-shirt because her little white cotton shirt became see through after the rain. Three year olds can sort of pull that off, but... She loves her new shirt. 

The ride lights started popping on in the darkness of the storm

Getting drenched

There are a lot of leaves changing already. 


Steam rising over Canada after the rain, on the way home.


Geri Douglas said...

I love how you captured Elsie delight on getting her ride and Glibert's joy in all the pictures makes me smile, loved seeing the North Country fair, we loved the smells when we lived on Cherry Street, the kids always had a great time going there.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Oh, for unadulterated cuteness. Elsie's hat, plus her face on her inaugural ride, are just the bee's knees.

Cecil and Amy said...

Yes, Elsie's face stole the show! I'm impressed- the day after convention and you're willing for another adventure!

laura said...

Everyone else already said it, but Elsie's face though!! (:

Laura said...

Again - these pics are contest- and coffee-table-book-worthy, and to think, we all get to enjoy them so conveniently.
You take those kiddos to a similar ride in Vegas, with all its glitter and glamour... I absolutely do not believe you'd get a smile any bigger, or delight any more obvious than that of the local fair.