August 7, 2015

Happy thoughts on life at this moment

1. Justin is coming home tonight and I will get to be with him for a whole solid week. Which is the first time since June. I am a little excited about this. Actually, I lie. I was with him for a solid week when we were down at Clover's. Still, it is worth being excited about.

2. Goldenrod is in bloom. Which means the beginning of the end of summer--bittersweet. While I love summer and the kids being home, I love fall even more. All that cool weather, dramatic clouds, butternut squash, and impending hibernation. (Side note--the goldenrod seems early this year. I never know if that means the summer has been warmer than usual, so things are sped up, or if it means an early fall approaching.)

3. Convention is next week. Oh the anticipation.

4. I am currently caught up on my housework. (Which makes me feel way more accomplished and grown up than it should.)

5. These past few days, the high has been in the low 70's. Which is my kind of weather.

6. Reading old favorites to the kids. This week, it was...

Katie John 
by Mary Calhoun

This is a spunky ten year old California girl, transplanted to Missouri, due to the inheritance of an old family house in the midst of her summer plans. She is bouncy, curious, pigheaded, rather fearless, and the kind of girl you (I) always wanted to be friends with. I loved Katie John. There are three books about her and I think I read them over 4 or 5 times as a girl. 

One afternoon this week, Orianna said "I can't wait to read Katie John tonight." Which made me happy. Since if they love her too, then we were all the right kind of little girl. And we would have been friends--if we were girls at the same time, anyway.

And those midcentury pencil illustrations... I just love them. 

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Geri Douglas said...

I couldn't agree with you more, wish I had a week to spend reading them at your home, you would find me boring to be around because my nose would be stuck in a book, that is when I am not peering at your four lovely kids playing and being cute.