January 1, 2014


It is a new year. A lovely, full-of-possibilities year. I am so full of optimistic cliches at the beginning of a year. Chock full of them. Intentions, expectations, hopes, and resolutions buzzing around in a happy hum, with only a few chinks in which sentimental cliches about the year ending can squeeze in.                        


2013 was a good year. Not momentous--no new babies. No promotions. No life altering trips to south eastern Asia. It was just a plain good year. There was a nice mix of highs with enough lows, to keep us from getting smug. But thanks to my faulty memory, when I think about the past year, I mostly remember the highs. And even some of the lows that I can remember have become good stories. A pleasant blur of life. 

A year worth living. 

And here is a new year. 2014! All ready to be made wonderful. I hope it is a beautiful year for all of you. 

A year with more memorable highs than lows. 

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